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Shipping of Buran-KS to Sotchi

During a ceremony the 27 of june 2017 RKK Energia annonced the relocation of the test shuttle Buran-KS in Sotchi.

Its destination is the Cirius parc of science and research, which is located in the former media center of the Sotchi olympics games, this parc aims to to promote Russian science, art expositions and ballets.

Transportation of the shuttle will take place in 29-30 june by truck to the port « Caucase » from where it will be loaded on a boat on July 3 to the Olympic port of Sotchi (arrival estimated on July 5).

Buran OK-KS Buran OK-KS Buran OK-KS

Source: RKK-Energia

Buran is now a museum

Buran VDNKh

On August 15 the interactif museum « Buran » opened, in the VDNKh parc.

The museum firstly shows a video explaining the Buran-Energia project, then in the payload bay pictures of the Buran’s assembly are shown, finally the visit ends with a view of the cockpit.

This shuttle is the test model OK-TVA which was moved last year in June 2014.

Payload bay Cockpit

Source: rg.ru

New pictures of the blogger Ralph Mirebs

At the begining of June Ralph Mirebs took beautifull pictures of the Burans shuttles OK-1.02 and OK-MT in the MZK building at Baikonur.

Assembly building (MZK). Burans shuttles


Last week he fought back and slipped inside the vertical test building of the Energia launcher. Actually there is inside a full-size mock-up of the Energia M launcher which was a less powerfull version of Energia intented for launching less massive satellites (34t instead of 100t in low earth orbit).

Vertical Assembly Building Energia M Energia M Energia M

Source: Ralph Mirebs.

Transport of the OK-TVA shuttle to the VDNKh park

OK-TVA transport

During the night 5 to 6 of July 2014 the Buran OK-TVA was transported from the Gorky park to the VDNKh park. It has been there since 1995 after being a restaurant, a tourist attraction and then a shelter for bicycles.

It is now in the VDNKh parc right in front of the Vostok rocket (the same used by Gagarine).

Soon will be an exposition inside the shuttle.

Buran VDNKh

Photo Marc Courbin.

Dismantling of the OK-TVA shuttle

Buran at the Gorki Park

Has said in the previous article the OK-TVA shuttle will be moved to the VDNKh park, and as we can see on this picture the dismantling has already begun. It should take approximately one month.

Moving of the Buran shuttle to the VDNKh park

Shuttle OK-TVA

The Moscow’s Mayor annonced yesterday in an Interfaks report that the Buran Shuttle OK-TVA will be moved from the Gorky Parc to the VNDKh (actually VVTs).

The definitive destination is not yet decided but should be the pavilion 20.

The dismantling of the shuttle will take one month after the final decision is taken.

Pavilion 20 VDNKh

Remote manipulator system

Some days ago a friend of mine went to Russia to visit some factories and this is where he went, to the central institute of search and experiments for robotics and cybernetics (ГНЦ ЦНИИ РТК РФ) at St-Petersburg. It’s in this institut that was developped the Buran’s Remote manipulator system. Here are some pictures:

Stand of the arm Elbow Wrist




Source: kosmonavtika.com

Reporting on Igor Volk

TV Roscosmos published today (under their reportings about the soviets and russians cosmonauts) a reporting about the cosmonaut Igor Volk.

Igor Volk took part, especially, in the development of the Buran’s autonomous landing system in piloting the OK-GLI shuttle.

You can see the reporting here:

YouTube Preview Image