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Renovation at the Gorky park nearly finished

The test shuttle OK-TVA stands in the Gorky park, along the Moskva river. This shuttle has been laid out into an attraction for many years but is exhibited without protection and is thrown to the bad weathers, especially hards in Moscow, which ended to destroy the false thermal shield.


Works began during summer 2009 to restore it. We can see on the next picture that the heat shield is being torn off.


Here are some pictures taken this summer. The heat shield is almost completely removed from the shuttle (workers are busy on the wing) and the tiles pattern is painted directly on the fuselage. I understand this only in a manner to simplify the maintenance of the shuttle. Indeed, it’s easier to look after painting that tens of thousands of false wooden tiles which ended to decay.

OK TVA Heat Shield OK TVA Heat Shield OK TVA Heat Shield

Other pictures here.

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Comment from ValkMT
Time: 2015-06-10, 9.51

Looks like 2 Buran are still in a hangar at Baikonur!