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Baikonur’s museum

This museum is located in the area n°2 of the Baikonur cosmodrome. It’s one of the oldest area (the area 1 is the Gagarin’s launch pad) near the former assembly factories of the Vostok and Soyuz rockets.

The museum has a lot of impressive pieces. Numerous rocket engines, Soyuz capsule, the first computers of Baikonur and the Buran test model OK-M.

Baikonur museum Baikonur museum Baikonur museum
The visit begins by the ground floor, once going through the entry hall, and near the cafeteria and the small souvenir shop we arrive in a big room divided in small areas by panels.

At the rear of the room is a big model of the cosmodrome with a sputnik over it.

Cosmodrome model Cosmodrome model Cosmodrome model Sputnik

This engine is surrounded by orientation thrusters. DZZ system (infrared orientation system).

Engine DZZ system

Some models.
First picture: The four main Soviet/Russian launchers, the Soyuz, the Proton, Energia and the lunar rocket the N1.
Second picture: A proton rocket.
Third picture: An antenna with a radio receiver.
Fourth picture: A missile silo.
Fifth picture: Reward model.

Models Proton Tracking antenna Missile silo Model

A lot of Soyuz’s rocket thruster, and a model of the RD-107 engine (engine of the lateral boosters).

Thrusters Thrusters

Globe, the Baikonur’s cosmodrome is located at the wrong place (300 km norther). This decision to name the cosmodrome with the same name of another town was to misinform the American spy services.


Tracking antenna.

Tracking antenna

The rest of the visit take place upstairs.

Reward flag

A room is dedicated to the two main personalities of the Soviet space program: Sergei Korolev and Valentin Glushko.

Korolev Show window Show window Reward medals

Model of the Gagarin’s launch pad made in 1957.

Launch pad

In another room are exhibited more larger pieces. The first computers and consoles of the cosmodrome, a Soyuz capsule, spacesuits, …

The first Baikonur’s computer.


Some control consoles.
Second picture: Rocket start console (the ignition key is positioned in the middle).
Third picture: Docking Soyuz/Progress simulator.

Console Console Console Console


First picture: Gyroscope ChZOO.
Second picture: Suborbital capsule for animals.
Third picture: Binnacle for Laika dog.
Fourth picture: Ejection seat of the Vostok spacecraft.

Gyroscope Capsule Laïka Ejector seat


Re-entry Soyuz capsule.


Finally, the last room is dedicated to other country’s rewards.

France gift

Outside is the Buran OK-M test shuttle, an RD-0120 engine and antennas.

Buran OK-M

Buran OK-M Buran OK-M Buran OK-M Buran OK-M

Engine RD-0120. This engine was used for the second stage of the Energia launcher. It delivers a thrust of 190 tf in vacuum.

RD-0120 RD-0120

Tracking antennas.


The payload bay of Buran was layed out in an exhibition room.

Payload bay

Satellite model.

Satellite Satellite Satellite Satellite

Part of the Buran’s VSU (Auxiliary power unit).


Kurs antenna for the docking of the shuttle to the MIR space station.

KURS antenna KURS antenna

Show window with many pieces. Documents and photographies of the Baikonur construction, Buran’s heat shield tiles, a piece of the thermal protection of the payload bay and different kind of documents.

Baikonur construction Documents Documents Couverture thermique

Documents Documents
Graphic of preparation for the flight of Energia-Buran.


Heat protection of the breaking parachute housing.

Heat shield

Orientation thruster.


Airlock door.

Airlock door Airlock door

Lower deck reorganised as a showing room.

Lower deck Lower deck



Upper deck. This shuttle was a test model, the cockpit wasn’t working, the dashboard here is fictive and is not the one of Buran.



Comment from Stephane
Time: 2009-05-06, 7.09


Comment from hamon
Time: 2009-05-26, 4.29

Merci pour votre site très intéressant… Depuis plusieurs années j’aimerais visiter le cosmodrome de Baïkonour au Kazakhstan ? Cela est il possible ? J’aimerais faire également des photographies, « pas forcément de fusées », mais « des lieux » où ce sont passé une partie de l’histoire spatiale soviétique !!!

Merci par avance de vos informations…

Mes photographies sur : http://www.regardpublic.com


L Hamon

Comment from Vassili Petrovitch
Time: 2009-05-28, 11.58

Il est tout à fait possible de visiter le cosmodrome de Baïkonour. Voir le voyage que j’ai fait l’année dernière. Par contre les prix se sont envolés depuis.
Il faut savoir que Baïkonour n’est pas une ville « normale » tout est accès autour de l’espace et la sécurité y est importante, il n’est pas possible de sortir de la ville sans laisser-passer et c’est pareil pour rentrer sur le cosmodrome.

Comment from Thomas Kirchner
Time: 2009-12-24, 8.20

As one of some tourists from Germany I visited Baikonur from 18th to 22nd dec. 2009 to observe launch of Soyuz TMA 17. For all participants it was a really unforgettable tour.
Many thanks also to the people in Baikonur’s museum, especially to Venera for her interesting guidance.

Comment from sebastien sauvage
Time: 2011-01-05, 10.07

Bonjour je reviens de Baikonour, j’ai assisté au décolage du Soyouz TM 20 le 14/12/2010, et j’ai visité ce musée de Baikonour, tout est réel. J’y suis allé par Bestrussiantour.com

Comment from Olga
Time: 2014-08-14, 4.18

It is a pleasure to see that the project Buran is not forgotten and there is a museum in Baikonur. I have worked at the exhibition of Buran OK-GLI in Sydney at 2000, and back then the situation was very sad, it is grate to see the reconstructions of models and museum expositions or real value! Thank you for keeping the information up to date!

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