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Happy birthday Buran-Energia.com !


Today buran-energia.com has 5 years. It has been 5 years since I have started this project to make a website in french/english about the Buran space shuttle, and with the researchs I did I discovered other Soviets space projects (such as Spiral and BOR, …) which gave me the the idea to speak about them, and now the website is dedicated not only to Buran but to the Soviets and Russians space shuttle.

I still have a lot of subjects to speak about and informations to complete about Buran (ground installations, landing system, …).

So stay tunned.

Videos on the TsAGI test institut

Here is a set of videos published by TV Roscosmos and TsAGI press about the TsAGI test insitute.

This institute is 90 years old and is a necessary step in the validation process of all flying apparatus in the Russian Federation and previously in the USSR.

The development of the Buran shuttle and Energia launch vehicle also needed batch tests in wind tunnels like we can see in the reportings.

TsAGI press:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

TV Roscosmos:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Visit of the Polytechnical Museum of Moscow

Polytechnical museum

Here are pictures I took of the space department in the Polytechnical museum in Moscow.

The museum is really big and has many other departments (cars, aviation, energie, telecommunication, …), if you go in Moscow you should visit it.

FCS mag n°2

FCS mag n°2

The new edition of the FCS magazine has arrived !

It is a little bit smaller than the number 1 but contains 106 pages where you will be able to read articles about the Apollo program and the Soviet exploration of the Moon through the Lunakhod rovers, there are interviews and also actualities articles notably with the mission on the ISS of Maxim Suraev.

You can download it here (in French).

General of the star wars

Some days ago TV Roscosmos published a reporting about space planes, Spiral, BORs, and Buran, and their military implications. Their development were closely linked to the vision of Gleb Lozino Lozinsky (chief of the Buran project) which thought that space travels must be done aboard space planes.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Other pictures of Buran 2.01

Here is some pictures I took last summer at Tushino (suburbs of Moscow) where the second generation Buran OK-2.01 is stocked, we can see that she is in a pretty bad shape.

Cabin Cabin Fuselage

I haven’t danced for a long time

Couverture Hugo Boris

It’s with great pleasure that I present you a special book (special because the thematic is rare). This book speaks about a theme that passionate a lot of us, human spaceflights, and especially the flight of a Russian Cosmonaut on-board the MIR space station.

Hugo Boris came at Baikonur for his researches and this is where I meet him (my trip to Baikonur).

But instead of paraphrasing him I going to let him talk:
Three years of work… The investigation allowed me to meet many cosmonauts. I went to the star city, at Moscow. But most of all at Baikonur, in Kazakhstan, where I attend a manned launch. This moment was soul-stirring, more than I can imagine. In fact, I can’t get over this trip, I think of it every day.

I haven’t danced for a long time (Je n’ai pas dansé depuis longtemps, in French) – Hugo Boris – ed. Belfond

Ivan was chosen to be the first man to stay more than four hundred days in Earth orbit.
An ordinary man, married, father of two children, leave the planet.
While the soviet empire collapse into chaos, he is revolving endlessly.
For him, the Sun rises and sets down sixteen times a day.
As time is passing by he is loosing sleep, smell, taste.
His vertebral column doesn’t bear him anymore.
His mind is wavering.
He has been practicing for many years, the mind entirely pointed toward space.
Now, he is only thinking of Earth. He misses Earth like a woman.

An interview (in French) of Hugo Boris on France 2 television, in the broadcasting « Dans quelle étagère… »:

YouTube Preview Image

Video about Spiral

Some days ago a documentary was broadcasted about the Spiral system on Russian TV Cultura. Here is a part.

YouTube Preview Image

Source: orbicraft.

You can find other videos here.