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New videos on Mriya

New videos about the Antonov Mriya, with an interesting montage showing pictures of the assembling and first flights on the Mriya:

Mriya Mriya Mriya Mriya Mriya

The Mriya in Africa

The Antonov 225 Mriya landed at Hosea Kutako international airport (outside the Namibie’s capital city, Windhoek) on Wednesday 10 during the night. Hundreds of people came to catch a glimpse of the world’s biggest plane.

The Mriya landed at Hosea Kutako with 112 tons of freight which consisted of ship reels, wire and other nautical equipment.

Mriya at the Cologne airport

The Mriya landed today at the Cologne’s airport in Germany (CGN) to load cables and freight to Windhoek (Namibia’s capital city).

Night CGN Loading CGN Landing CGN

Little world tour for the Antonov

GAC Logistics UK (service of goods transport) welcomed the Antonov An-225 Mriya, to the UK at Nottingham East Midlands Airport today. It was chartered to return sound and stage equipment from the first annual “This Day” festival staged in Lagos (former capital of Nigeria) to mark the 46th anniversary of Nigerian independence.

“It is really exciting to see the Antonov at East Midlands,” said Bronwyn Mead, Manager of GAC Logistics‘ East Midlands. branch.

“We needed to charter an aircraft of such dimensions because of the sheer volume of equipment and the critical timescales we were facing,” says Martin Corr from Sound Moves, who partnered GAC in this transportation operation.

“The ‘This Day’ festival was a massive event held in the glare of the world’s publicity spotlight – there was absolutely no margin for error. We chose GAC Logistics to clear the return of the equipment to the UK because our two companies always work well together to meet the needs of the music industry.”

An-225 Nottingham

The An-225 at the Raleigh-Durham’s airport

The Antonov 225-Mriya landed today at the international airport of Raleigh-Durham (North Carolina). Its mission will be to carriage a 121 tons portable power plant to the eastern African nation of Tanzania.

Mriya An-225 Videos

New videos

Addition of videos of Buran and Mriya at the air-show « Le Bourget » (in France) in 1989.