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Cosmonautic and rockets museum

The technical museum of rocket of Saint-Petersburg is located in the Ionnovsky’s ravine of the Peter and Paul Fortress. It is here in 1932-1933 that the first Soviet rockets engines were elaborated.

The museum is named after Valentin P. Glushko who played a major role in the conception and elaboration of rocket engines, he was a member of the LenGIRD (Group for the Study of Reactive Motion of Leningrad) from its creation, developed engines of most of the Soviet rockets and was the first director of NPO Energia (main design bureau of space technologies) at the end of his career

The museum has an impressive collection of rockets engines, from first tests engines to the most recent, documents of that time, spacesuits, various objects as well as the Soyuz-16 descent capsule. Moreover, the offices of engineers and some work facilities were reconstructed identically.

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