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Memorial museum of Astronautics

The museum of Cosmonautic tells the story of the rocket science and the space exploration (Soviet and Russian era) since its beginning in the 20s until today. This museum is situated under the impressive pedestal of the Space Conquerors monument, which has the shape of a rocket going to the sky. The monument is more than one hundred metres in height and is completely covered with titanium plates what gives it this shiny aspect. Its granite pedestal is preceded by a statue of Tsiolkovsky (father of the modern cosmonautic), on the base’s sides are engraved frescoes of socialist realistic style glorifying the work of the engineers and the technicians guided by Lenin.

The monument was built in 1964 to commemorate the launch of the many Soviets satellites and spacecrafts, the museum and the parc reopened on April 12, 2009 after some years of renovation (2007-2009).

Entrance of the museum The museum

The entrance of the parc where is located the cosmonautic museum. Stars are settled along the way to the museum, each one of them is about an important event about the space exploration. At the entrance on each side are put big globes, one represents Earth, the other the sky with the Zodiacal signs.

Cosmonautic museum La Terre Signes du Zodiacs

Solar system with all its planets.

Solar system

A statue of Korolev is located on the way, main constructor and director of the OKB-1 Bureau, the USSR owes him all its first achievement.

Statue of Korolev Base of the statue Base of the statue

A little bit further of the left are two busts of two other important people of the History, the engines designer Glushko and the scientist Mstislav Keldysh.

Glushko Keldysh

Statue of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Russian scientist and mathematician, considered as the father of the modern space exploration.

Statue of Tsiolkovsky Statue of Tsiolkovsky

On the right are set busts of the firsts cosmonauts, Gagarine, Tereshkova, Titov, Leonov, Komarov.

Busts of cosmonauts

Frescoes on the base of the monument.

Side of the monument Side of the monument


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