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STS-126 Patch

After the wonderful journey I did to Baïkonour I said to myself that I had to see a launch of space shuttle, especially beccause the end of the flights is planned for soon (during the year 2010). I did not think of going back so early by chance (neither my bank account) but November seemed to be the good period to go. Indeed from 7 to 9 took place Astronaut Scolarship Foundation (at the Kennedy Space Center) then the departure of STS-126 to the ISS on 14. Several people from the space conquest forum were interested but we were finally only three. Unfortunatly, the day of the departure the third guy couldn’t be able to come due to personal problems.
So I got myself with Didier (Capcom Espace) with whom I travel to Baikonur.

The planing of the journey:

-Visit of the NASM in Washington Dulles
-Scolarship Foundation to the Kennedy Space Center
-Visit of the Kennedy Space Center
-Attend the launch of STS-126


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