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Day 1, Wednesday, 05 November

First day of our journey in the United States. We take our plane on November 5th, it is a Boeing 777, I do not like too much this kind of plane because I have the impression to be a sardine. Fortunately it was the election day of the American President so we were only hundred in the plane. To spend time we look at films, we sleep (we try because of the noise) and we walk hundred steps in lanes. After some hours of flight we ask a stewart if we can see the cockpit but regrettably we are already in the American air space and the pilot refuses.

When we arrive at the Dulles airport it is already the night, we take our luggages and we go to the buses to take the metro, to the hotel. It is about 8:00 pm in Washington but for us in France it is 2:00 am, it is late, but we decide to go out to see the white house. Once arrived on the spot it is raining, we must do it fast. We find without problem the obelisk but the white house which is not being enlightened can’t be photographed.

Washington Metro Obelisk


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