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Day 2, Thursday, 06 November

This morning we wake up early, we didn’t slept enough but there are many things to do so we don’t have much time. We go to the museum of Dulles where is an impressive collection of planes, spaceships and flying machines.
We can see the shuttle Enterprise there (atmospheric test flight), a command capsule of Apollo, engines of Saturn V and Shuttle.

Enterprise SSME Engine

SR 71 Planes

In another wing of the museum there are planes of different periods. We have hardly the time to finish the room that it is already time to leave to take the flight Washington-Orlando (for the next visit it will be necessary to plan more time).
It is an internal flight of the US Airways company, we take off with a little of delay but the flight takes well. I take the opportunity to sleep, a little.

Reagan Airport Boeing

At our arrival at Orlando the weather is beautiful and warm, that changes from Paris and Washington. On the other hand the evening comes fast and we shall have to make the route towards Titusville at night, not very practical to find a way.


Some additional pictures:

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