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Third room

This room is the biggest one and built on two levels, it is dedicated to modern aerospace, orbital stations, extra-vehicular activities and the international cooperation through the Interkosmos and ISS program.


Sokol (spacesuit used in the Soyuz spacecraft).


Yastreb spacesuit, used during the joint mission of Soyuz-4 and Soyuz-5 (docking of the 2 vehicles and extra-vehicular activity on January 15, 1969).


Some IVA suits (Salyut, MIR).

IVA suit IVA suit IVA suit
IVA suit Suits

Training suit Chibis (to redirect the blood stream in the legs) and survival suit in case of sea landing.

Chibis Survival

ORLAN (spacesuit used for extra-vehicular activities).

Orlan Orlan Détail de la fixation
Orlan in KVANT 2 Détail de la fixation de Orlan
Orlan with the UPMK, 21KS UPMK

Kretchet (spacesuit for moon walk).


Mock-up of the Almaz station.


Mock-up of the « orbital station » Soyuz.

Soyuz station

Documents and flights logs.

Documents and flights logs Flight logs

Soyuz’s Kazbek seat.

Kazbek seat Kazbek

Orbital module of a Soyuz.

Orbital module Orbital module

Some experiments on plants made on MIR.

Experiment on plants, MIR Franch cosmonaute Jean-Loup Chrétien Experiment Experiment

Medical equipment.

Medical equipment

Sample return capsule, Raduga.


Work tools.

Tools Tools

Trapdoor of the PIRS module (Russian part) on ISS.


KVANT-2 module (MIR).



MIR mock-up MIR MIR

Sample placed outside to study their ageing.


ISS mock-up.


Earth observation satellite.

Satellite Satellite Satellite Satellite

Reproduction of the TsUP room (Flight Control Center).


Water tank.

Water tank

Some food and fruit basket.

Food Fruit basket



Reproduction of a survival scene in forest, after a Soyuz landing.

Survival in a forest Soyouz

Piece of a Soyuz’s heat shield.

Soyuz s heat shield

Survival equipment onboard a Soyuz spacecraft.

Survival equipment

Lunakhod (Lunar rover remotly controled from Earth),launch in 1970 and 1973.

Lunakhod Lunakhod Lunakhod

Probe of kind Luna-16 for returning Moon soil sample and the return capsule, launched on Septemnber 24, 1970.

Luna-16 Luna-16
Luna-16 Documents

Lunar rock samples (return by Luna-16).

Moon rocks

Moon rocket N-1.

Moon rocket N-1

Lander Mars-3, launched on December 2, 1971.


Phobos-Grunt probe.


First Venusian probe, Venera-4 landed on October 18, 1967.

Venera-4 Venera-4

Venera-9 and Venera-10 probes. Launched on June 8 and 14, 1975.
Those two probes soft landed on Venus on October 22 and 25, 1975 (at 2200 km of each other). For the first time in the world a panorama picture of the Venusian’s soil was transmited to Earth while the orbital probes (of those landers) studied the planet.

Venera-9 Venera-9 Venera-10

Dog compartment, inside a Vostok spacecraft.

Dog compartment

RD-119 engine. Second stage of a Kosmos rocket.

RD-119 RD-119

Bion-16 spacecraft. Launched on December 14, 1983.

Bion-6 Bion-6 Bion-6

Return capsule of the Soyuz-37. Launched in April 1980 with Viktor Gorbatko et Pham Tuan of the Vietnam on board.

Soyuz-37 Soyuz-37

Androgynous docking piece between Apollo and Soyuz for the Apollo-Soyuz mission in 1975.

Apollo-Soyuz Apollo-Soyuz Apollo-Soyuz

Documents and spacesuits for Apollo-Soyuz.

Documents IVA suits

Interkosmos flights.

Documents Interkosmos
Interkosmos Soyuz suit Vol Interkosmos Vol Interkosmos avec la France

IVA suits for Interkosmos missions or collaborations programs.

Interkosmos, collaboration

Door of a room of the Cosmonaut Hotel at Baikonur.


Launched pads mock-up.

Soyuz launch pad Pas de tir Shuttle Sea launch launch pad

Things of S.P. Korolev.

Coat Chemise

RD-107 engine.

RD-107 RD-107 RD-107

View of a Vostok rocket.


Launch key.

Key Key et documents



Quality seals.

Seals Seals

Fragments of a Soyuz rocket.


Descent module of a Soyuz spacecraft.

Descent module Inside Inside

Pilot’s suit of Buran OK-GLI.


Buran’s ejectable seat K-36RB.


Aerodynamic tests shuttles.

Test shuttle Test shuttle


Buran-Energia Buran-Energia

Kliper mock-up.


To the exit.



Comment from A. Roederer
Time: 2011-02-06, 7.24

Good morning!
I am retired from the European Space Agency (ESTEC in Holland) and I am writing a book chapter on the history of space antennas.
I want to mention quite a bit about russian achievements in this area.
Is it possible to use some of your excellent photos?
Do I have to make an official request ? and if so to whom .
Thanks a lot and best regards.

Antoine Roederer

Comment from Vassili Petrovitch
Time: 2011-02-06, 8.00

Yes off course, tell me the ones you want and I will send you the High Res version.


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Comment from Dan
Time: 2012-09-22, 5.07

Hi, this is Dan.
I’m interested in knowing the location of a particular Soyuz capsule that flew to space in 1986, Soyus-TM1.
Is there a way to find its location?
Can you help me finding more information about that flight?

Thanks a lot.

Your site is really cool

Comment from Vassili Petrovitch
Time: 2012-09-24, 10.43

I’m sorry I’m don’t know where you can find this information.

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