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Second room

The second room is much more smaller and has for theme the pioneers of the Soviet cosmonautic. A corner of the room is dedicated to Tsiolkovsky, the other one to Korolev, the rest of the room consists of showcases with some display stands for various objects, like notebooks, documents or scientific devices.


Showcases contening various objects, like engines or documents, belonging to the pioneers of the space exploration.

Showcase Showcase Showcase Showcase

Engine RD-214.


Rocket prototype drawn by Tsiolkovsky.


Rocket of the Korolev’s GIRD.

GIRD rocket

Radio transmitter of the Buran’s telemetric datas (left device), onboard controling device of the GLONASS satellites (right and front rank device).

Onboard devices

Reproduction of the Tsiolkovsky’s workshop, see Tsiolkovsky’s house.

Tsiolkovsky s workshop

Reproduction of the Korolev’s office.

Korolev s office


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