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First room

The museum is set up into three rooms. The first is about great premieres of the Soviet cosmonautic, the second is about the beginings of the space exploration and shows keys people (like Konstantin Tsiolkovsky or Serguei Korolev), finally the last room (the biggest) shows instruments and different technics used to explore the near Earth space, spacesuit, orbital sations and launchers.


Sputnik satellite (exploded view).


Kosmos-97 satellite. First Earth study satellite for telecomunications studies. Launched on November 26, 1965.


The Sputnik 2 which put into orbit the Laika dog on November 3, 1957.

Sputnik 2

Instrument to study the magnetosphere and the Earth magnetic field near the poles. This instrument was launch on-board the second Earth study stallite.


Ejectable module (seat) of the Vostok spacecraft, which can contain a dog or others animals.

Vostok module Vostok module

Mock-up of a tracking station, and a relay boat.

Tracking station Relay boat

Satellites Electron-1 and Electron-2. Earth studying satellites to study the radiations and the magnetosphere in near Earth orbit. One of the reasons to launch those satellites was to study the danger for a cosmonaut to walk into space. Launched on January 30 and June 11, 1964.

Electron-1 and Electron-2

Molnya-1 satellite, this satellite was put on a very inclined orbit of 63.4 degrees, it was used to transmit TV programs on all the Soviet territory from November 7, 1967. Monlya-1 was used as a base for other satellites like Molnya-2 and Molnya-3. It was launched on April 23, 1965.


Automated probe Luna-9. First probe to soft land on the Moon on February 3, 1966, in the Storm ocean, and to transmit panoramic picture of the Moon’s soil.

Luna-9 Luna-9

Mock-up of the Vostok spacecraft.

Vostok Vostok

Documents about the training of the first cosmonauts and the launch of Gagarin.

Documents Documents Documents Documents
Korolev s documents


Gagarin Décorations de Gagarin

Vostok spacecraft.

Vostok Intérieur de la capsule Vostok

SK-1 spacesuit, the first cosmonauts wore this type of spacesuit in their Vostok spacecraft.

SK-1 spacesuit

Berkut spacesuit, Alexei Leonov wore this type of spacesuit when he went out of his Voskhod-2 spacecraft on March 18, 1965, and became the first man to walk into space.


Mock-up of the airlock used by Alexei Leonov on the Voskhod-2 spacecraft.

EVA airlock

Luna probres.
Luna-1 was the first probe to reach the second cosmic speed (speed needed to free from the Earth attraction). It flew near the Moon at 5000-6000 km then became the first sun satellite. The probe carried scientific instruments of which a micro-meteorits sensor. Launched on January 2, 1959.


Venera-1 probe. It flew near Venus at 100 000 km and then was put into solar orbit. Launched on February 12, 1961.

Venera-1 Venera-1

Mars-1 probe. First probe launched to Mars. Launched on November 1, 1962.



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