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Nowadays exploration

The hall of rocket engines.

Nowadays exploration

Vostok rocket, the first rocket to send a man into space. This rocket launcher will orbit the program Vostok, first 6 ships Vostok. Then a showcase containing diagrams on the rocket and the spaceship Vostok and the first satellite launched by the rocket.

Vostok Vostok

Stand dedicated to Yuri Gagarin with documents on his degree.


Engine RD-0109 or RD-448 engine of the third stage of the Vostok rocket, it was used for the payloads Kosmos, Meteor, Elektron, and the Vostok spacecrafts.


Engine RD-108 engine on the second stage, central body of the R-7 Semiorka rocket (Vostok, Voskhod, Soyuz).


Device to analyze the solar radiation, installed on board the second satellite (Sputnik-2).

Mesurement tools Tool

Showcase of the engine manufacturer Glushko.


Cut of the RD-107 engine of the first stage of the rocket R-7 Semiorka (Vostok, Voskhod, Soyuz).


Models of satellites, Cosmos, Elektron, Proton.

Cosmos satellite Observation satellite Proton-1 Satellite

Tracking boat Yuri Gagarin, to increase communications sessions with manned spacecrafts the listenning aera was expanded with tracking vessels like this. Now communications are relayed by satellites.

Tracking boat, Gagarin

Showcase dedicated to the Interkosmos program. Scientific cooperation program which was made to fly aboard Salyut and Mir stations citizens of the « brothers » countries.

Baikonur Interkosmos

Engine RD-119 and RD-214 that equipped satellites Cosmos.

RD-119 Kosmos RD-214 Kosmos

Engine of orbit correction of the Soyuz, Progress and Salyut orbital stations.

Correction engines Correction engines

RD-110 engine, engine built by Korolev for the third stage of the Soyuz rocket, used for payloads, Kosmos, Voskhod, Soyuz T, Soyuz-TM, Progress, Luna, Prognoz, Molniya, Zond, Mars, Venera, etc..


Model of a Mars probe and a soil strength sensor.

Mars probe Mesurement tools

Model of a Luna probe, and the wheels of a Lunakhod rover.

Luna probe, Lunakhod Detail of the mechanism Detail of the wheels

Showcase of the Luna probes and fragments of the Luna-2 sphere.

Showcase about the Luna probes Luna 2 parts

Lunakhod control computer.


Photos of interplanetary probes.

Probe s pictures

RD-301 engine, first rocket engine operating in closed cycle. Engine for the upper stage of the Proton rocket.

RD-301 RD-301

Devices on board a Soyuz spacecraft.

Tools Soyuz s tools

Showcase of Luna probes, including a certificate of honor awarded by the FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) to the Soviet scientists for making the probe Luna-16 (first sample returned by a probe) and probe Luna-17 (Lunakhod landing on the Moon).

Honor diploma

Model of a Vostok spacecraft, the first manned spacecraft.

Vostok spacecraft

Honor roll.

Honor roll

Case containing various items of Soyuz manned program. A Kazbek seat, a Sokol KV-1 space suit, the watch of the cosmonaut Koubassov, a Soyuz’s visor, an helmet communication, different pictures of spacewalks, an Orlan glove from the EVA suit, a Vostok spacecraft porthole and finally equipments to work in space.

Showcase Sokol KV-1 Kubassov s watch

Some tools Kazbek seat Showcase

Tools Vostok s porthole EVA equipment

Collection of different badges Interkosmos program.

Interkosmos patchs Interkosmos patchs Interkosmos patchs

Showcase about the Salyut program, and a certificate for the flight of the French Jean-Loup Chretien in late June 1982 aboard Salyut-7.

Showcase Showcase

Model of an Energia-Buran, model of a RD-170 engine (from the boosters of the Energia rocket), and model of the Soyuz-4/5.

Showcase Energia-Bourane RD-170 Soyouz-4/5

Sea rescue suit and a showcase on the cooperation program between the USSR/Russia and the USA (Apollo-Soyuz, Shuttle-MIR).

Showcase Showcase

Soyuz-16 capsule which carryied cosmonauts Anatoly Filipchenko and Nikolay Rukavishnikov in December 1974. This vessel was used in the preparation of the Apollo-Soyuz flight.

Soyuz-16 Soyuz-16 Soyuz-16 Soyuz-16

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