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The beginings

Hall of the museum


Showcase containing documents of the 19th century and early 20th about space exploration and design of rocket engines.

Gallery Gallery Gallery

Gallery Gallery

The cosmonautics encyclopedia written under the direction of Valentin Glushko. A showcase featuring portraits of Robert Goddard (1882-1945), Hermann Obert (1894-1989) and Robert Esnault-Pelterie (1881-1957), as well as portraits of Friedrich Zander (1887-1933) and Yuri Kondratyuk (1897 -1942), pioneers of techniques relating to space exploration.

Showcase Showcase Tsander et Kondratyuk

Busts of K.E. Tsiolkovsky, Russian scientist of the late 19th century, he laid the scientific and theoretical foundation for developing space vehicles and space travels. S.P. Korolev, MosGIRD member and later director of design bureau OKB-1, it is the architect of all major space conquests the first Sputnik, Laika, Gagarin, … Finally, V.P. Gloushko, LenGIRD member and director of the design bureau OKB-456 engines, it has applied the theories of Tsiolkovsky on engines, in the mid 70′s he became the first director of NPO Energia ( many design bureaus were merged including OKB-1 and OKB-456).

Bust of Tsiolkovski Bust of Korolev Bust of Glushko

The next room is devoted to the firsts, dogs Belka and Strelka (first living beings in space), the dog Laika (the first living being in orbit) and Sputnik (first artificial satellite of the Earth), on the walls of the room are newspapers of different nationnalities.

Papers articles Spoutnik Papers articles

Pins French papers articles

In the next room some engineer’s offices are reconstructed.

Ingineer office Ingineer office Ingineer office


A showcase with pictures of various members of the GIRD.


Test equipment and the first electrical rocket engine (ERD).

Intrumentation Intrumentation Intrumentation

Different experimental engines developed by LenGIRD and Glushko (ORM-1, ORM-9, ORM-12, ORM-50).

ORM-1 engine ORM engine ORM engine-9
ORM-12 engine ORM-50 engine ORM-52 engine

A toolbox for industrial design and a diploma.


RLA experimental rocket.

RLA rocket RLA rocket

General view of a desk and experimental rockets. The rocket 09 and the GIRD-10. The rocket-09 is the first Soviet rocket with hybrid fuel, GIRD-10 is the first Soviet rocket with liquid fuel, both developed by the GIRD under the direction of SP Korolev.

Office Stands Rocket 09 and GIRD-10

Some experimental engines.

Some engines

Other engines: the ORM-65, RD-09 and RD-10. The ORM-65 is an experimental engine. The RD-09 equipped the rocket GIRD-09 August 17, 1933 for a flight at an altitude of 400m. The RD-10 engine equipped the rocket GIRD-10, the first use occurred in November 25, 1933.

ORM-65 engine Engine RD-09 Engine RD-10

RD-2 RD-3 developed by Sergei Agaphonov (1918-1993).

Engine RD-2 Engine RD-3

PS-132 rocket



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