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The Mriya in Africa

The Antonov 225 Mriya landed at Hosea Kutako international airport (outside the Namibie’s capital city, Windhoek) on Wednesday 10 during the night. Hundreds of people came to catch a glimpse of the world’s biggest plane.

The Mriya landed at Hosea Kutako with 112 tons of freight which consisted of ship reels, wire and other nautical equipment.

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Comment from nuredine
Time: 2007-02-04, 6.24

je suis fassiner par les moments de gloire de l aeronautique
sovietique aujourdhui cest mon jour de chance merci beaucoup

Comment from Bernie
Time: 2007-02-05, 11.00

112000 tons? Wow – but I guess not even Mriya is capable of that… :-)

Comment from Vassili Petrovitch
Time: 2007-02-06, 8.49

Yes you’re right 112 000 tons it’s a bit hight. Of course it is 112 tons. ;)