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Memorial museum of Astronautics in Moscow

Space conquerors

I recently visited the Memorial museum of Astronautics in Moscow, this museum is located under the Space Conqueror monument near the VDNKh park.
The museum reopened this year (on April 12, 2009) with pomp and circumstance and now exhibit many interesting objects.

The visit starts here.

Visit of the Tsiolkovsky’s house

Tsiolkovsky's house

The journey go on with the visit today of the Tsiolkovsky’s house. This house is located in the Kaluga town in the Tsiolkovsky’s street, not far from the Oka river.

It’s here.

MAI museum

MAI Lenin order Revolution Order

During my recent trip in Moscow I had the occasion to visit the MAI museum, here are the pictures I took.

Small visit of the Baikonur’s museum

Here is the pictures I took of the Baikonur’s museum. This museum is really impressive and should be more known.
For the visit it’s here.

Baikonur Computer Buran OK-M

Visit of the NPO Energia museum

I published the pictures of the Energia museum which is in the Korolev city. This museum is located in the NPO Energia company and has a lot of very interesting pieces (like the Gagarin’s spacecraft).

NPO Energia NPO Energia NPO Energia

Opening of the Apollo & Beyond exposition

Today is the opening of the « Apollo & Beyond » exposition at the Speyer museum (Technik Museum Speyer). This exposition which is about space has to main attraction the OK-GLI shuttle.

After lot of troubles (administration troubles) she finally finds a home where she can take advantage of her retirement.


I will put pictures as soons as I get back.


Pictures of the exhibition I took.

My pictures of the Monino museum

In August 2007 I went to the Monino museum, at 40km of Moscow, here are the pictures I took.

Monino museum Sukhoi T-4