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Inside the Mriya

Here is some pictures taken inside the Mriya.
There is some pictures of the cockpit and one more uncommon of the machineries room.

Interieur_Inside Interieur_Inside Interieur_Inside


Other pictures of the Mriya.

Pictures of Buran and Mriya at the Bourget 1989

Here is some pictures shoot by a visitor at the Paris air show (Le Bourget) in 1989. It was the first time that Buran was shown in public and the first time she went outside the USSR. The Antonov 255 flew from Baikonur to Paris by Moscow. It flew without escort except from the French border where it was escorted by Mirages planes.

Thanks to Patrick Amand for the pictures.

Le Bourget 1989 Le Bourget 1989 Le Bourget 1989

Le Bourget 1989 Le Bourget 1989 Le Bourget 1989

Other pictures in the gallery.

New part on the VM-T Atlant plane

I published a complet part about the carrier plane VM-T Atlant.

This plane was made by the Myasishchev design office to carry the tanks of the Energia launch vehicule and the Buran shuttles from Moscow to Baikonur.

VM-T 0GT Buran VM-T 1GT

The Mriya 2

Here is some pictures of the Mriya 2. The renovation of this plane should have begun in late 2007 to finish in 2008, but unfortunatly the work haven’t begun yet.

Mriya 2 Mriya 2 Mriya 2

Anniversary at Tushino

An exposition about the Buran-Energia project took place at Tushino from October 31 to November 23, 2008, it was about the 20th anniversary of the first flight of Buran.

One can see Strizh and Orlan spacesuit (made by Zvezda), miscellaneous former documents, some model kit (Buran, Mriya, BOR/EPOS), and lots of pictures.

AnnivTushino-01.jpg Strizh, Orlan Strizh, Orlan

Strizh, Orlan AnnivTushino-05.jpg AnnivTushino-06.jpg

AnnivTushino-07.jpg AnnivTushino-08.jpg AnnivTushino-09.jpg

AnnivTushino-10.jpg AnnivTushino-11.jpg AnnivTushino-12.jpg

AnnivTushino-13.jpg Carbon-Carbon AnnivTushino-15.jpg

Gyroscope AnnivTushino-17.jpg AnnivTushino-18.jpg

AnnivTushino-19.jpg AnnivTushino-20.jpg AnnivTushino-21.jpg

AnnivTushino-22.jpg AnnivTushino-23.jpg AnnivTushino-24.jpg

AnnivTushino-25.jpg AnnivTushino-26.jpg AnnivTushino-27.jpg

AnnivTushino-28.jpg AnnivTushino-29.jpg AnnivTushino-30.jpg

AnnivTushino-31.jpg AnnivTushino-32.jpg AnnivTushino-33.jpg

AnnivTushino-34.jpg AnnivTushino-35.jpg

Source: orbicraft.livejournal.com

The Mriya landed at the Budapest’s airport

One of our readers repported me that the Mriya was at the Budapest’s airport in January 19, 2008, it was chartered to carry petrolum equipments to Oman (on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula).

Here are some pictures taken by Szabolcs Bakonyi:

gpb_01.jpg gpb_13.jpg gpb_05.jpg
gpb_07.jpg gpb_08.jpg gpb_15.jpg
gpb_04.jpg gpb_10.jpg

Source: Index.hu

The Mriya landed at the Ben Gurion airport

The Mriya landed at the Ben Gurion airport (Israel) on february 2. The plane was chartered by ACAS Israel in co-operation with ACI to transport outsized cargo from Israel to Africa.

Documentation on the Mriya’s engine, D-18T Sich

I just uploaded a part about the Antonov 225′s engine the D-18T in the Mriya’s chapter. This part includes detailled schematics of the differents sets of the engine as well as technical datas.