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Le Mriya 2

Voici quelques photos prisent en Août 2008 du Mriya 2. La rénovation de cet appareil devait débuter fin 2007 pour finir courant 2008, mais malheureusement les travaux semblent ne pas avoir commencés.

Mriya 2 Mriya 2 Mriya 2

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Commentaire de Damon Hill
Date: 24/12/2008, 10:27

Is the Mriya a modified An-124 airframe, or a derivative that’s significantly different? It certainly appears to have a long fuselage!

Commentaire de Vassili Petrovitch
Date: 24/12/2008, 10:37

The Mriya is based on the An-124 design, its dimensions are increased but it’s almost the same shape.
This is the main reason that allowed Antonov to built it so quickly.

Commentaire de csk
Date: 10/02/2009, 12:56

Mriya « 2″ will likely be completed to the 100M-150 standard of the An-124. That’s IF it’s completed.
Damon, the 225 is a modified 124 airframe. Heavily modified.

Commentaire de Sercio
Date: 27/02/2009, 21:57

Why didnt they finish the 2. one? The first one was made on my birth 1988 and 21 years later there is only 1 version? I heard about that they even consider to made a AN325 which would have 8 Jets in total which would be absolutly record. Im sick of staying with technologys which are older then myself, its a shame that antonov didnt made something better yet! I mean the cargo buisness is grewing up and airplanes like the An225 are more needed then ever before!
I just dont get it!

Commentaire de Vassili Petrovitch
Date: 28/02/2009, 0:11

The Mriya was initialy made for the Buran project. When they finished the first one the program was paused and some years later the USSR collapsed. That’s why they didn’t need another plane. It was rechape soon for unusual commercial use. They only use it when they can’t use an-124, because this plane is very expensive.

Commentaire de csk
Date: 05/03/2009, 8:58

It’s really too bad that the second one has not yet been completed. They keep saying it will be finished soon, yet it’s never done. You can certainly bet that when the demand for 82060 becomes a strain on the airframe the second one will get the funding to be completed. And who knows, perhaps they are working getting the second one done right now, but I’m inclined to doubt it. There is too much demand for maintainance on the rather large number of 124′s to concentrate efforts on the second 225.

Commentaire de Jack
Date: 13/06/2009, 10:46

This aircraft is beautifull, I appreciate the design

Commentaire de Derek Webb
Date: 14/10/2009, 11:57

This beautiful aircraft just brought 10 very large generators into American Samoa to help repair Tsunami Damage to our power station. The sight of this plane landing is a once in a lifetime event. I couldn’t believe how little noise it made on takeoff. Amazing. I have wounderful pictures.

Commentaire de Viper
Date: 12/02/2010, 22:56

What would it take to get the second plan going again? The AN-225 is a great aircraft and more should be made. I would personally interested in sourcing for funds to get it done.

Commentaire de csk
Date: 15/02/2010, 8:28

It would take money and lots of it (several millions). I’m pretty certain the only reason the funds have yet to be ‘procured’ is that there’s no guarantee of a large enough demand at the present time. That’s why I’d mentioned above that once the demand and/or strain becomes too great on UR-82060 the funds will be made available. The second one will almost surely be completed once the need arises or someone simply wants to invest in it. It’s just a matter of time and hopefully it’s not too long – it’s my favorite aircraft :-)

Commentaire de Peter
Date: 26/06/2010, 6:53

Do they have engines for this one or are they the same as on the 124?

Commentaire de csk
Date: 28/06/2010, 6:46

Yeah, same engines… identical.

Commentaire de Peter
Date: 29/07/2010, 20:20

I actually doubt that they will ever finish the second airframe.
Taking the time and corrosion state of the actual frame without any weather protection the frame will never being used again.
The frame seems empty and the cost to recreate the same frame seems not to be very high in conjunction to the complete system. If ever comes need for repair or replacement of no.1 they likely will start a completely new frame.

Commentaire de Peter
Date: 30/07/2010, 15:39

Does anyone know how often the only 225 is being utilised? I have seen it here in Denmark but if the demand is there for another one what is holding them back?

Commentaire de Vassili Petrovitch
Date: 30/07/2010, 16:06

To my knowledge its schedule is pretty full. But I’m not sure they are over loaded with it.

Commentaire de Abner
Date: 22/08/2010, 1:14

Parece que a Antonov tem planos de concluir o segundo An-225-100 Mriya em 2011. Isso é verdade?

Commentaire de kirovk
Date: 06/11/2010, 16:09

А господин Петрович, какое на сегодня состояние проекта воздушно-космического старта МАКС.Как показал пример « Глобал Челенджер » в етом проекте есть жизнь. Таким образом можно добится и финансированием заканчивания второго ( а может бить не только второго ) самолета АН225

Commentaire de Vassili Petrovitch
Date: 11/11/2010, 12:39

Hello, for now the MAKC project is stopped, there is no more development about it.

Commentaire de kirovk
Date: 11/11/2010, 13:21

Thank you m-r Petrovitch, but can you explain why this project was stopped? I can not found a properly explanation ?

Commentaire de Peter Konrad
Date: 29/12/2010, 12:14

They should complete it and fit it with 4x Rolls-Royce Trent 980 instead of the Ivchenkos. They would weigh about the same as the 6 Progress engines (a Trent is about 2 tonnes heavier than a Progress at about the same dimensions) but give 20,000 lbf more thrust while delivering massive fuel savings.

Commentaire de Vassili Petrovitch
Date: 30/12/2010, 15:01

To kirovk: To put it in a nutshell, the project was not profitable enough and during the 90′s the Russia was in a deap economic recession that’s why they didn’t want to invest money in hazardous projects.

Commentaire de William Saul
Date: 03/05/2011, 12:53

This is amazing. I wish the second prototype was built once and for all. That way the first won’t retire early or late.

Commentaire de William Saul
Date: 16/05/2011, 11:15

Does this mean the Ukranians have to do all the work on the second Antonov AN-225 because of their independence from the soviets and they can now own the first Antonov AN-225?

Commentaire de Vassili Petrovitch
Date: 16/05/2011, 11:58

Yes, since the collapse of the USSR they own the second Antonov. They have to pay by them self for the completion if they want it.