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Archives for 'Buran OK-1.01'

Reporting about the Buran-Energia program

Here is a presentation reporting about the Buran-Energia program and the OK-GLI test shuttle, which was broadcasted on russia television (Rossia chanel).

Buran Space Shuttle Program

Another reportings here.

Pictures of the 1.01 Buran space shuttle destroyed

Here is some pictures of the destroyed 1.01 Buran space shuttle (the only model which flown) and the Energia launcher. After its historical flight the shuttle was parked in the 112 hangar piggy backed of an Energia launcher. Unfortunatly in 2001 the roof collapsed during its renovation, destroying the shuttle and the launcher and killing 7 workers.

Those pictures were taken in the begining of the year 2008.

Destruction of Buran-Energia Destruction of Buran-Energia

Auxiliary power unit and the 37KB module

I added on the Buran section 2 articles, one on the auxiliary power system, the VSU, indeed Buran wasn’t equipped with fuel cells so it used a turbine powered by hydrazine to generate the energie of the on-board systems. And another one about the 37KB module which was used during the first flight of Buran to put additional instruments on-board.

vsu_min.jpg 37kb_min.jpg