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Auxiliary power unit and the 37KB module

I added on the Buran section 2 articles, one on the auxiliary power system, the VSU, indeed Buran wasn’t equipped with fuel cells so it used a turbine powered by hydrazine to generate the energie of the on-board systems. And another one about the 37KB module which was used during the first flight of Buran to put additional instruments on-board.

vsu_min.jpg 37kb_min.jpg

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Comment from john michael bolt
Time: 2007-09-12, 3.15

the buran energia is a magnificent achievement for russia . I myself build commercial aircraft for british aerospace commercial aircraft division airbus for 18yrs and am electrcal installation .If you have any vacancies for avionic i would like to work for you .
I hope u.k can build a shuttle to compete with u.s.s.r and united states before 2015 . thanks john bolt +44 07972573263