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MAI museum

MAI Lenin order Revolution Order

During my recent trip in Moscow I had the occasion to visit the MAI museum, here are the pictures I took.

The space shuttle project Kliper

Kliper MAKS 2005

I created a new part on the website that I nammed « Others« , this area will group differents chapters about Soviet spacecrafts, more or less linked to the Buran-Energia program. Indeed, even if the projects seems differents numerous elements and technics are reused which gave some continuity in the timeline.

I added today a chapter on the Kliper shuttle, which is the evolution between Buran space shuttle and BOR models. This shuttle should have been the replacement for the Soyuz spacecraft but unfortunatly the project is stopped.

Inside the Mriya

Here is some pictures taken inside the Mriya.
There is some pictures of the cockpit and one more uncommon of the machineries room.

Interieur_Inside Interieur_Inside Interieur_Inside


Other pictures of the Mriya.

Buran on Twitter


The information feed of this website is now available on Twitter. I will also use it to keep you up to date during my travels.
Don’t forget you can use the RSS syndication.

Good reading !

Small visit of the Baikonur’s museum

Here is the pictures I took of the Baikonur’s museum. This museum is really impressive and should be more known.
For the visit it’s here.

Baikonur Computer Buran OK-M

Spiral, the strike force

This reporting was broadcasted on russian television (zvezda). This video shortly recount the story of rocket planes and orbital planes, then focused of the Spiral project and the many usage of the EPOS plane.
Reporting in Russian.

Other videos are available about the Spiral project in the video gallery.

SPIRAL project.jpg

Source: Zvezda.

Visit of the NPO Energia museum

I published the pictures of the Energia museum which is in the Korolev city. This museum is located in the NPO Energia company and has a lot of very interesting pieces (like the Gagarin’s spacecraft).

NPO Energia NPO Energia NPO Energia

Pictures of the OK-2.01 shuttle

Here is some pictures of the rusting OK-2.01 shuttle. This shuttle was in assembling when the program was stopped in 1993. It should have some modifications in the cabin, in comparison of the model which flew.

Pictures I took at Tushino in April 2008:
tushino-2.01 tushino-2.01 tushino-2.01
tushino-2.01 tushino-2.01 tushino-2.01