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Reporting about the Buran-Energia program

Here is a presentation reporting about the Buran-Energia program and the OK-GLI test shuttle, which was broadcasted on russia television (Rossia chanel).

Buran Space Shuttle Program

Another reportings here.

Small slideshows

I done something I wanted to do for a long time that is displaying more pictures in the journey pages. But I didn’t want the text to be lost into too many pictures.

So I choose to put a slideshow of additional pictures. For now I only did the Baikonur journey, but the one at Cap canaveral will arrive soon.

Update of February 26:
I just published the others slideshows about the journey to Cap canaveral.

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Pictures of the Buran’s lift off

Of course those are not real pictures of the Buran’s lift off and landing, but they are really well made.

Landing Lift off Lift off

Lift off Lift off

The others are here.

New part on the VM-T Atlant plane

I published a complet part about the carrier plane VM-T Atlant.

This plane was made by the Myasishchev design office to carry the tanks of the Energia launch vehicule and the Buran shuttles from Moscow to Baikonur.

VM-T 0GT Buran VM-T 1GT

My trip to the Kennedy Space Center

STS-126 Patch

In last November I travelled to the Kennedy Space Center (Florida, USA), I had the chance to meet famous Astronauts like Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lowell, Alan Bean and many others.

I also had the opportunity to attend the launch of Endeavour STS-126 to the ISS.

Here is the narration of my trip.

Pictures of the Buran exposition in Speyer

Here is the pictures I took in the Technic museum at Speyer (Germany) about the Apollo & Beyond Exposition.


Comparison between STS system and Buran-Energia

Buran is often considerated as a poor copy of the american shuttle just because it looks similar (in shape), but the differences are deeper, that’s why I made a comparison (buran.su) between the 2 systems, STS and Buran-Energia. This comparison is based on the mains functionnalities of the launchers and shuttles, on-board computer, engines, dimensions, etc…

Moreover, I compared the 2 systems in their begining, because Buran didn’t evolved.


CNN’s video of the BOR-5

Here is a reportage about the sell of the BOR-5 mock-up which was broadcasted on CNN in 2001. The BOR-5 is a mock-up at 1:8 of the Buran shuttle which was used to make suborbitals flights tests.

BOR-5 mock-up