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Pictures of Buran and Mriya at the Bourget 1989

Here is some pictures shoot by a visitor at the Paris air show (Le Bourget) in 1989. It was the first time that Buran was shown in public and the first time she went outside the USSR. The Antonov 255 flew from Baikonur to Paris by Moscow. It flew without escort except from the French border where it was escorted by Mirages planes.

Thanks to Patrick Amand for the pictures.

Le Bourget 1989 Le Bourget 1989 Le Bourget 1989

Le Bourget 1989 Le Bourget 1989 Le Bourget 1989

Other pictures in the gallery.

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Comment from Patchfree
Time: 2009-02-02, 12.07

Ah je me rappelle car j’y étais! Merci pour ces photos souvenir.

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