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More pictures

Here is a new set of pictures.

The first set is about Buran and Mriya.

  • 030_Transport_Carriage_buran_an_225_1_min.jpgMriya during a flight test with Buran.
  • 030_Transport_Carriage_grach82_min.jpgLoading/unloading of Buran at the Baikonur airport
  • 095_Le_Bourget_1989_Le_Bourget_1989_ru_aircraft_an225_05_min.jpgBuran and Mriya at Le Bourget 1989
  • 095_Le_Bourget_1989_Le_Bourget_1989_ru_aircraft_an225buran_50_min.jpgLift off of the mriya at the end of the Bourget airshow (1989)

The next pictures were taken during the assembly of the Mriya:

005_Construction_Assembly_Mriya_050_min.jpg005_Construction_Assembly_Mriya_051_min.jpg 005_Construction_Assembly_Mriya_052_min.jpg

The last set of pictures is about the VM-T Atlant transportation plane, we can see it carrying the Buran’s fuselage and the oxygen tank of Energia (MAKC):


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