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Opening of the Apollo & Beyond exposition

Today is the opening of the « Apollo & Beyond » exposition at the Speyer museum (Technik Museum Speyer). This exposition which is about space has to main attraction the OK-GLI shuttle.

After lot of troubles (administration troubles) she finally finds a home where she can take advantage of her retirement.


I will put pictures as soons as I get back.


Pictures of the exhibition I took.

Reporting on the pilots test of Buran

Here is a reporting (cut in 3 parts) about the test pilots of the Buran program, especially the pilots the OK-GLI test shuttle. This reporting was broadcasted on the « Culture » channel on russian television in 2002.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Lost of the heat shield of the TVA shuttle

The shuttle OK-TVA was a thermal, mechanical and acoustic test model. Like all others tests shuttles it was a full scale model. In 1997, the shuttle was bring to the Gorky Park (at Moscow) to be modified in an entertainment. Unfortunatly, it hasn’t bring enough people as it was planned and the managers have to face financial difficulties.

During the month of august a part (left side) of the heat shield of the shuttle was removed, allowing us to see the fuselage in aluminium alloy. No explanations were given, but it seems that it was done for repairing the shield. Indeed, this « shield » is not the real, it’s made from wooden pieces which decay because the shuttle is not sheltered.

Heat shieldHeat shield

More pictures in the gallery.

Pictures of the 1.01 Buran space shuttle destroyed

Here is some pictures of the destroyed 1.01 Buran space shuttle (the only model which flown) and the Energia launcher. After its historical flight the shuttle was parked in the 112 hangar piggy backed of an Energia launcher. Unfortunatly in 2001 the roof collapsed during its renovation, destroying the shuttle and the launcher and killing 7 workers.

Those pictures were taken in the begining of the year 2008.

Destruction of Buran-Energia Destruction of Buran-Energia

Comparison between STS system and Buran-Energia

Buran is often considerated as a poor copy of the american shuttle just because it looks similar (in shape), but the differences are deeper, that’s why I made a comparison (buran.su) between the 2 systems, STS and Buran-Energia. This comparison is based on the mains functionnalities of the launchers and shuttles, on-board computer, engines, dimensions, etc…

Moreover, I compared the 2 systems in their begining, because Buran didn’t evolved.


Opening of the Apollo and Beyond exhibition

The exhibtion Apollo and Beyond which will take place in the Speyer museum in Germany will open on October 2 for the VIPs and the next day (October 3) for everyone.

This exhibition will be the occasion to see the Buran space shuttle OK-GLI, which hasn’t participed to such event since 2001.


Displacement of the Buran OK-GLI in the museum’s hangar

The shuttle OK-GLI was transported yesterday (2008-11-06) to the Speyer museum’s hangar. This hangar will welcome in the next months an exhibition about space and space conquest. The shuttle will be assembled there (the wings and vertical stabilizer were removed), then renovated to become the main part of the exhibition.

OK-GLI to the Speyer s hangar OK-GLI in the Speyer s hangar

Update of June 19:

Other pictures of the carriage added in the gallery. (Thanks to Elser-Film)

The OK-GLI shuttle is going to be moved in the Speyer museum’s building

The different structures (cabin and payloadbay, wings, vertical stabilizer) of the OK-GLI shuttle will be moved to the exposition building of the Speyer museum in Wednesday, June 11, from 6 AM to 3 PM.

Pictures will be available in Thursday 12.