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End of restauration ?

Renovation OK 2.01

The OK-2.01 shuttle was moved few weeks ago from its storage area (Tushino banks) to the Zhukovsky airport to be restored.

This is the first picture of the restoration shoot by Ivan Kirilov, where we can see the work achieved.

Clearly the « restoration » had to be done for the MAKS-2011, because the heat shield was not restored, only a layer of paint was put on the existing tiles. The leading edge and the nose cone are missing, there is not rear view but knowing that the engines weren’t on the model during it’s storage period there is few chance that they put them on the shuttle.

Update 17/08/2011:

Here are 2 new pictures of the MAKS 2011,  head side for visitors, reverse side … without comments.

Buran OK-2.01 MAKS 2011 Buran OK-2.01 MAKS 2011

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Comment from lacalaca
Time: 2011-08-16, 11.45

That’s exactly what I’ve feared… Notice that the even the right wing isn’t properly painted. We could only hope that a proper, actual restoration will follow for MAKS 2013.