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Happy birthday Buran-energia.com !

Hello dear reader,

today it’s been 1 year since the buran.fr and buran-energia.com websites are online. The website transcend my expectations, indeed when I began I wanted to publish only few pages on Buran (in French) and let it like that, moreover I though I will had only few visitors per day (niche subject !).

But, in fact the site contains thousands of pages (2 langages merged), has a traffic of ~350-400 unique visitor per day and I still have lots of document to publish.

At the begining the site should have been only in french, but due to the poor quantity of interesting sources on internet I decided to translate it, but I’m not bilingual and some pages contains grammar errors or wrong sentences, if an English-speaking guy could point them to me I will appreciate.

This success is also yours because you made it happen, Thank you !

2 graphs to illustrate the life of the site during the past year:
72 250 unique visitors

585 500 pages read

Come back in few days for a little surprise!

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Comment from Zero
Time: 2007-10-11, 11.02

Bravo pour ce site. Je ne connaissais même pas l’existence d’une navette soviétique il y a quelques jours. Honte a moi. Ce site m’a éclairé sur Bourane. Bonne continuation.

Comment from CdB
Time: 2007-10-11, 9.06

Un bien joli site, qui mérite toute notre attention pour l’an à venir, en tout cas j’attend avec une grande patience ta surprise.

Bon anniversaire! Et rendez vous pour le million!