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New videos on Mriya

New videos about the Antonov Mriya, with an interesting montage showing pictures of the assembling and first flights on the Mriya:

Mriya Mriya Mriya Mriya Mriya

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Comment from Valek
Time: 2007-03-07, 8.03

Cool, do you know where i could get some cool Buran wallpapers? And unedited, please…

Comment from Vassili Petrovitch
Time: 2007-03-07, 8.07

Unfortunatly I don’t know, to my knowledge there is no website with Buran’s wallpapers.

Comment from Trollfag
Time: 2007-03-10, 8.29


Quote: The plane VM-T « Atlant » can transport loads of 50 t, but the future projects envisaged to carriage loads of 200 t. Antonov studied the way of building a transport plane of greater capacity by making modifications on the An-124 model, it created the An-225. The An-225 Mriya (« Мрия » means Dream in Russian )…

« Mriya » (« Мрія ») means dream in Ukrainian, not Russian – « Antonov » design office was situated in Ukrainian SSR.

Comment from Vassili Petrovitch
Time: 2007-03-10, 10.21

You’re right, a friend of mine noticed it to me few days ago.

It’s corrected now.


Comment from Trollfag
Time: 2007-03-11, 7.15

Cyrillic spelling of word « Mriya » also needs to be corrected. « Мрия » is Russian transliteration of original Ukrainian word, so in case you try to write plane’s name in the language of origin it should be « Мрія ».

Comment from Jon Marks
Time: 2008-03-28, 9.05

Valek, What kind of picture you wanted but did you try searching Google Images? I just checked it out and it had all kinds of pics. I didn’t look at image size or anything but there must be something there you’ll like.

How this help :-)