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Je viens de rajouter un nouveau chapitre au site qui va regrouper la documentation disponible sur le projet Bourane-Energia. Je commence avec la publication d’un ouvrage regroupant la documentation technique de la société NPO Molniya (maitre d’oeuvre). Ouvrage très complet sur la navette Bourane et la navette MAKS.

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Commentaire de Luca
Date: 30/01/2007, 22:09

Wow! Your site is growing better and better! Congratulations indeed and thanks for sharing all this with the « non-russianspeaking » world. I’m just a bit doubtful about the MAKS shuttle…I was wondering whether it is technically feasible or not: if the (few) funds available are spent on Angara or Kliper, maybe it means that MAKS turned out to be too risky or the payload too low. Yes I know that nowadays Myria is an Ukrainian affair and that the oil-thrilled relations between the two countries are not so good, but if MAKS were really promising, they could bring down the house of aerospace industry :-)

Commentaire de Vassili Petrovitch
Date: 31/01/2007, 8:29

Thank you for your comment ;).
I think they haven’t still used MAKS because it’s too original and no tests where conducts, so the development phase isn’t finished. Moreover as you said the payload charge is a bit low, moreover Mriya is now ukrainian. And to finish the shuttles fell now in disgrace (Klipper is a lifting body for exemple). All this points (and more may be) lead to drop this project.