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The entrance to the museum of Peenemunde is through the bunker which controlled the electric power plant, at the bunker’s exit are exposed different kind of pieces typical of this research center, the V1, the V2 and the trolley essential mean of transport to travel through the site.


Map of the site


The electrical power plant:

This is one of the only buildings that is intact nowadays (with the bunker). The power plant was built in 1939 and was inaugurated in 1942, it should have feed the 2 oxygen plants and the railway. It seems that at the time it was built it was the biggest urban firebox in Europe. Initialy 2 power plants were planned to prevent the site of a complet black out in case of attack, but only the North plant was built.

The coal needed to produce steam was unloaded near the power plant and transported by a railled crane and a transporter (which are visible on the next 3 pictures).

Electric power plant Electric power plant Electric power plant

Electric power plant Electric power plant

The V1 missile:

The V1 (from german Vergeltungswaffe : « weapon of reprisal ») is a flying bomb and the first continental missile of the aeronautics history. Used during the second world war, from june 13, 1944 to march 29, 1945 by the nazy Germany against the Great Britain and against Belgium and France (during the winter 1944-45), the V1 was replaced later by the V2.


We can see here the launching ramp and the piston (cylindrical black piece). The piston is moved by steam, on the upper part of the piston we see a little fin which pushed the V1 missile.

Launching ramp of the V1 Piston Piston

The V2 rocket:

The V2 missiles (or rocket Aggregat 4) are the first real and working ballistics missiles and real « prototypes » of the first space launchers of the space exploration era. Those weapons were developped by the nazy Germany from 1938 and used during the second world war and killed thousands of people, not only on the targeted objectives but also in the working camps in charge of building them.

The V2 on the site is one of the last that the Soviets left after they came to Peenemunde. We can see on a side of the engine the picture of « The women on the Moon » (Frau in Mond, science fiction movie of Friz Lang shoot in 1929, adapted from the book of Thea von Harbou) which inspired the researchers and technicians during the 30′s.

We can also see that the orientation of the rocket was done by rudders located at the exit of the tailpipe (located inside the exhausted gaz), those rudders change the direction of the exiting gazs and thus angle the rocket.

V2 rocket Hommage

V2 rocket Details of the V2 rocket Détail de la fusée, La femme dans la Lune

The trolley:

The trolley was built in the 30′s and allowed technicians and workers to go from a site to another site.

Trolley Trolley

Here is a map of the Peenemunde’s trolley.

Path of the trolley Trolley

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