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Installations and launch pads

Even if the Soviets demolished many of the installations when they left the military base in 1952 some buildings are still up. Those in better shape are the electrical power plant and the control bunker in which the museum is. The other the liquid oxygen plant is one of the 2 that were planned to be built. For security reasons it is not allowed to go inside.

Oxygen factory Oxygen factory Oxygen factory

Army camp for the workers.

Army camp Army camp Army camp

Entry point of the Peenemunde site.

Entry point of Peenemunde Entry point of Peenemunde Entry point of Peenemunde

Trolley plateform.

Trolley plateform

The other installations are in a closed area, it is necessary to take a guide to see them.

Here is the hangar for the bus that serviced the city and the installations.

Bus hangar Bus hangar Bus hangar

Forest take back its right where there were buildings (Werhner von Braun office).

Wernher von Braun office Wernher von Braun office

Launch pad of experimental rockets (North-East of the site).


Launch pad of experimental rockets Launch pad of experimental rockets

Vintage photos of the launch pad from which the first successful V2 was launched on October 3, 1942.

V2 on the launch pad Launch pad

The same launch pad today, with a stele located at the exact same place of the former launch pad.

Launch pad A4 - V2 A4 - V2

General view of the launch pad and the shelter ring which surrounded the area (to protect it from the wind).

Launch pad A4 - V2 A4 -V2

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