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New youth for the Mriya

Antonov Airline gave a youth bath of the Mriya. Indeed, during the last weeks the company renewed the pattern on the fuselage, the previous, inherited from the soviet time and a little bit austere, was replaced by a new one more in the spirit of the time.

The colors used are the ones of the Ukrainian flag. This last, located on the tail, was replaced by the company logo.

Former pattern:

En vol-In flight

New pattern:

Renovation Renovation Renovation

Other pictures of the Mriya in the gallery.

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Comment from Harry
Time: 2009-08-21, 4.10

Hi, i’ve seen lot of pic’s about « Mriya » so i decided to publish it in my largest community in Indonesia (my country)


I hope u don’t mind if i publish it in my forum, i just want to share it to everyone :)