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The test shuttle OK-M was moved few days ago from the area 254, to be parked near the Baikonur’s museum (area 2). May be it will be restaured or stocked in better conditions.

Area 254:


Area 2:


Update of March 2:

Numerous projects were studied to use this mock-up and emphasize the heritage which it represents, but all failed because they required too important investments. In the second half of January the authorities, under the management of the first assistant Tomchuka V. R. of ФКЦ of Baikonur, finally decided to move the mock-up towards the Bailonur’s museum because it is the cheapest solution. The outside of the shuttle will be restored, a cabin with cosmonauts’ seats will be installed there and a showroom will be fitted out in the payload bay. It is a second life for this shuttle which takes place at the time of the twentieth anniversary of the Energia’s first launch (in May 17th, 1987).


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Comment from Dan
Time: 2008-04-07, 10.48

I visited Baikonur in 2005 ( one of the first private tourists there :) ) and took some photos of the old resting place of this Buran. They are online here … http://htdocs.com/essays/baikonur/