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10 000 visitors

Last week, on Sunday December 24th, I had the pleasant surprise to see that the website (French and English parts merged) had exceeds the symbolic borderline of 10 000 uniques visitors since the launch, the September 10th 2006 for the French part, and on October 11th for the English part.

I hope that the content of this site please you, that it is organized well and that you find it pertinant, do not hesitate to post comments (it is made for that ;P) to send me your remarks.

I’m using this event to do a making-up of this personal project, I decided to put on-line all the informations and the documents which I was able to collect on the project Buran Energia, which I find passionant, and to make an Internet site in French and in English. At the beginning I planned to put only some pages and photos and finally I got hundred of pages by language. Even after some months of work I haven’t published all my documents, thus you can return regularly to see the evolutions. I have unseen videos to be added, numerous photos and different documents on the functioning of Buran.

I want to thank you, every readers, because I did not expected such a traffic at the beginning. Thank you and good reading.

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Comment from Suzy
Time: 2007-01-07, 1.50

Congratulations, it is a very useful site! :)

Comment from Morten
Time: 2007-01-15, 12.35

Great site – thanks!!

Comment from pascal guinet
Time: 2007-01-28, 12.09

je trouve votre site d’édier a bourane tout simplement exellent étant un grand fan des navettes spacial et de fuse etant moi même collectionneur de maquettes et divers produit derives le seul hic s’est que je ne trouve pas de maquette de bourane j’ai trouvé energia a l’echelle 1.96 en papercraft.merçi de me dire ou je poure trouvé bourane.merçi pour votre aides.

Comment from Vassili
Time: 2007-01-28, 12.21

Je compte justement proposer à la vente dans la partie boutique des maquettes de Bourane, d’Energia,… Mais pas avant quelques semaines le temps que je fasse une refonte complète de cette partie.

Comment from Schumacher
Time: 2007-05-05, 5.55

Excellent website, a very interesting read


Comment from nuwan
Time: 2010-01-17, 7.34

It helps me to learn more about soviet space programmers, which is my enthusiasm !!!
Great site

Comment from canvas prints
Time: 2010-07-08, 4.19

Very informative read. THanks