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New pictures of the blogger Ralph Mirebs

At the begining of June Ralph Mirebs took beautifull pictures of the Burans shuttles OK-1.02 and OK-MT in the MZK building at Baikonur.

Assembly building (MZK). Burans shuttles


Last week he fought back and slipped inside the vertical test building of the Energia launcher. Actually there is inside a full-size mock-up of the Energia M launcher which was a less powerfull version of Energia intented for launching less massive satellites (34t instead of 100t in low earth orbit).

Vertical Assembly Building Energia M Energia M Energia M

Source: Ralph Mirebs.

OK-MT in its sarcophagus


Here are some pictures of the shuttle OK-MT taken at the beginning of August in the MZK building in Baikonur.

This building has been disused since the end of the program (beginning of the 90′s) this is easily noticeable due to the pile of dust on the orbiter.

Serie of pictures of OK-MT shuttle

Here is a serie of pictures of the test shuttle OK-M taken in January 2007.

OK-MT was built in Moscow in 1983 for technological developments, the transport documentation development and loading of the gas tanks, the hermetic systems of safety, the entry and the exit of the crew, the development of the military operations, the maintenance and the flight manuals.