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The OK-GLI shuttle is going to be moved in the Speyer museum’s building

The different structures (cabin and payloadbay, wings, vertical stabilizer) of the OK-GLI shuttle will be moved to the exposition building of the Speyer museum in Wednesday, June 11, from 6 AM to 3 PM.

Pictures will be available in Thursday 12.

Other videos of the transportation of Buran

Here is another videos of the transport of the Buran shuttle OK-GLI in Germany (around April, 10).

The first video is the un-loading in the Rotterdam’s harbor, the second is showing pictures of the carriage on the Rhine.

Carrying of OK GLI Buran Carrying of OK GLI Buran

Official video of the carriage of Buran OK-GLI

Here is the official video of the carriage (done for the museum) of the shuttle OK-GLI to the Speyer museum in Germany.


Thanks to Elser-film.

Videos of the transportation of the OK-GLI shuttle

Here is 2 videos of the transportation of the OK-GLI shuttle to the Speyer museum in Germany.

Buran transportationBuran transportation

Pictures of the OK-GLI shuttle from Rotterdam to Speyer

Here is some pictures of the Buran’s transport along the Rhine.

Buran OK-GLI should arrive at Rotterdam today

The Buran test shuttle OK-GLI should arrive at Rotterdam today, after a long journey from Bahrain through 2 oceans and many seas. It will be unloaded at the Gevelco terminal in the Botlek


It was carried by boat from Bahrain by the Finnish company Procargo, which already carried it 8 years ago for the Sydney exhibition during the Olympic Games of 2000.
From Rotterdam it will be transported, on Saturday by lighter on the Rhine, all the way to the Speyer museum by the Netherlands company Van Der Wees. This company is specialized into the carrying of big loads and already worked with the museum because they took care of the Concorde and the Boeing 747.
The shuttle will arrive at the Speyer museum in the second week of April.


Unloading of the shuttle.


Video of the transportation of the OK-GLI shuttle

Here is the video of the transportation of the shuttle Buran OK-GLI to the Rotterdam harbor.


Other videos here.

Source: Elser-film.

Pictures of Buran OK-GLI at MAKS 1999

Here is some pictures of the atmospherical test shuttle, Buran OK-GLI at the MAKS 1999.

The MAKS is the international aerospace exhibition of Moscow. It’s taking place on different Moscow’s airports ( Jukovski, Vnukovo, Modino, etc). The first exhibition began in 1992, since 1993 it has been renamed in MAKS and take place every 2 years.

117_OK_GLI_Exhibition_OK_GLI_Airshow_Buran_MAKS_01_min.jpg 117_OK_GLI_Exhibition_OK_GLI_Airshow_Buran_MAKS_07_min.jpg

The other pictures here.