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Pictures of Ptichka in the MZK

Shuttle OK-1.02

Few weeks ago some people got inside the Buran’s assembly building at Baikonur, the MZK. They found two shuttles, the test shuttle OK-MT and the second shuttle of first generation OK-1.02 named Ptichka (little bird).

This shuttle was finished at 95% when the program was stopped and had some modifications in comparison of the model which flew.

On those pictures we can see that the cabin lost a lot of its on-board apparels during the last years. It is difficult to imagine what was really the completion level at that time. We can also see the details of the air-lock module for docking with the MIR space station (APAS system).

Pictures of the inside and the outside of the shuttle.

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Comment from BRANCEK
Time: 2011-10-09, 3.48

Is any sense to comments about NASA & Russian STS? Today it’s just a history. The story, history somtimes unknown, somtimes not unknown. However is great to know, – ad astera per astra ! JB.

Comment from lacalaca
Time: 2011-10-12, 9.02

Oh boy… Just compare the shots of the flight deck, only two years apart: joysticks, all the wiring gone (stolen?…), the upper panel ripped off and open, buttons gone… What will be left in a few years?

Comment from Gazza
Time: 2014-01-12, 6.34

What a disgrace. Does anyone know who has been responsible for gutting this priceless piece of spaceflight history? They are thieves and criminals! Also the external condition of the vehicle is disgusting and filthy. No effort has been made for many years to keep them clean.

I had thought that being the property of the Khazak government, some effort would have been made to properly preserve them? Will there be any efforts made to bring the responsible parties to justice for this???