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Visit of the aviation and cosmonautic museum of Moscow

museum central house aviation space

Back from my little trip in Russia I publish pictures of the space museums I visited. Here, it’s the museum of aviation and cosmonautic which is located in Moscow not far from the former airport.

Other museum’s pictures will come.

Here begin the visit.

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Comment from junior miranda
Time: 2010-09-01, 6.25

The Venera 5 and 6 mockups showed there are, in fact, replicas of the Venera 15 and 16 radar mapping spacecraft. The actual Veneras 5 and 6 featured another design, mainly cylindrical with a conical shaped engine nozzle assembly in the ‘upper’ side. The bell-shaped design was introduced with Veneras 9 and 10 in the middle 70′s.

Please, someone tell this to the Museum’s adminstratros.

Comment from Vassili Petrovitch
Time: 2010-09-01, 9.33

Thank you for the information, I didn’t checked this before posting, but now the mistake is corrected.