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Buran OK-GLI will finally go to Germany

The experimental space shuttle Buran OK-GLI should go to Germany in the next days. On February, 27 2008 the direction of the Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum went to Bahrain (where it was stocked) to receive the authorization to move the shuttle.

The shuttle will be carried by boat in the next weeks. 23 days later it will arrive at Rotterdam, then it will be carried by barge to the Technik Museum Speyer (town of Speyer).

The shuttle will take place in the biggest hangar of the museum (still in construction).

It’s the end of 3 years of proceedings and the beginning of a new life for the shuttle.


Update of March 6:

Buran left Bahrain during the night of Tuesday 4 to Wednesday 5, she is on the way to Rotterdam where she will arrive at the end of march. The hangar which shelter her is 22m heigh, it should be finished when she will arrive. It cost 10 million euros.


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Comment from the narrator
Time: 2008-03-03, 1.52

interesting progression. who will supply the barge for transport to the musuem? we transported the boeing 747 and the concorde to the museum. perhaps we shall transport this spacecraft too.

Comment from the narrator
Time: 2008-03-03, 1.55

want to know more about the boeing and concorde transport? click on http://www.vanderwees.nl/watertransporten/projecten

Comment from Vassili Petrovitch
Time: 2008-03-03, 5.43


for now I don’t have more informations about the transport.

Comment from the narrator
Time: 2008-03-07, 9.28

pleased to know this transport is finally moving. we have been talking about it for a very long time already. now things are moving at last.

Comment from Suzy
Time: 2008-03-11, 9.23

At last the shuttle will get a proper home – though it’s a pity it couldn’t be returned to Russia and exhibited there!

Comment from Vad
Time: 2008-03-11, 2.14

well, interesting. what’s the ocean ship used? presumably one of Beluga’s…

Comment from Thomas
Time: 2008-03-26, 10.40

ATTENTION, WRONG INFORMATION! The Buran OK-GLI will be moved to the Auto Technik Museum in Speyer, NOT SINSHEIM! The photo of the hangar during construction is also showing Speyer (I know this,because I’m living in this area). The two museums has the same director, they are partner exhibitions and only 40 kilometers apart. About 3 years ago, when we heared first time of the « Buran-Deal », there were official informations about a second incomplete buran (I think it was 2.01) should exhibited at the Sinsheim Museum. I couldn’t get any new informations to this case yet. The management is not really cooperative. What a pity.

Comment from Vassili Petrovitch
Time: 2008-03-26, 10.57

I updated the news to be more accurate, but for my defense I would say that the direction of the museum is the Sinsheim Museum, Speyer is just another site of this museum.

Their were rumors about the transfert of Buran 2.01 but nothing confirmed.

Comment from the narrator
Time: 2008-03-26, 11.07

the buran is currently enroute to rotterdam. eta 1-4-08. after that the shuttle will be loaded onto one of our pontoons for oncarriage to speyer! sinsheim has never been in question as far as this shuttle is concerned, but there has been talk about a second shuttle. this deal collapsed when the roof of the storage hall came down!

Comment from Thomas
Time: 2008-03-28, 9.49

As I read in my archive I found that the object of the second shuttle-deal was indeed 2.01 (OK-2K1). And there were just more than rumors. An official information at the website of the « Auto und Technik Museum » in 2004 said that OK-GLI should be exhibited in Speyer and the OK-2K1/2.01 (it is only 30-50% complete) is projected for the « sister-museum » in Sinsheim (for spring 2005). Photos of a transport out of the Tushino hangar seemed to confirm this. But we never heared of it and answers to the museum management got no reply. Does anybody know what happend?

Comment from RK
Time: 2008-03-31, 10.05

yes, i know.

A year ago i contacted the museum about the movement of 2.01 from the Tushino hangar. The museum confirmed that 2.01 was ready to make to make the move to Germany. The museum made an deal to get both OK-GLI and 2.01 in possession.

Because the museum got into legal problems with OK-GLI, the movement of 2.01 was also stopped.

I’m still looking for the mail that i got from Sinsheim i got 1 year ago…

About the travel on the river Rhine:
- Will it travel on a pontoon so it can be seen from a shore or a bridge?
- what path will it travel? along ‘de waal’ or ‘Rhine’?

Gr R

Comment from Thomas
Time: 2008-03-31, 10.59

Well, we all want to know the exactly route and time table. I think the perfect guy for an answer to these question is THE NARRATOR. Right, narrator?
Because I’m living near the area of Speyer I saw the transportation of the 747, shored at the same point that OK-GLI will, too. In the south of the city of Speyer, the pontoon will be pushed into a side arm of the river Rhine. Right between the peaceful nature with forrest, swamp and ponds it will be pulled on shore and travel the last few kilometers on wheels. This will be absolutly spectacular again!
I will check out the best hot spots for watching and taking pics while approaching on the Rhine (maybe on bridges a few miles ahead) the next days.
Does anybody of you want to come and see? So please contact me.

Comment from the narrator
Time: 2008-04-01, 9.00

the exact route is actually quite simple. Buran will be transhipped onto our pontoon in rotterdam and then be pushed to Speyer using a pushtug (the same one which was used for the 747 and Concorde). the timeschedule is not exactly known yet. the heavylift ship is expected in Rotterdam tonight. offloading in Speyer is being planned about 9th-10th April. Sorry guys, cannot say more at this stage, but rest assured, once the schedule is definite, I shall inform you.
Thomas, I shall be supervising the offload operation. If you can, come and meet us. Tall, middle aged, brown boilersuite and white hardhat. At the time of berthing I will be on the riverside directing captain and crew. hopefully I’ll see you there.

Comment from Mark
Time: 2008-04-01, 4.00

Thank you, Narrator, to keep us informed!

I’d like to take some pictures of the transport along the river Rhine, in the vicinity of Pannerden, possibly from a plane. So any updates on the schedule are highly appreciated.

Comment from the narrator
Time: 2008-04-01, 4.27

the transport will leave dordrecht on sunday morning very early. they will pass pannerden somewhere in the afternoon. should you be able to forward some airborne pictures we’d be pleased to arrange details. will let you know a.s.a.p. more details are released.

Comment from Mark
Time: 2008-04-02, 10.40

If the weather conditions permit, I will be airborne at Teuge around 11:30. Forwarding of the pictures is not a problem.
Could we have contact by mobile phone on Sunday?

Comment from Thomas
Time: 2008-04-02, 6.38

Many thanks, narrator for your support and the offer to meet you, I’m very happy about this. I hope you guys will approach on thursday next week, because Wednesday I have to work.

Comment from the narrator
Time: 2008-04-03, 12.46

Mark: phone +31 6 51 582927 on Saturday. We’ll let you know what’s happening. Time of departure from Dordrecht depends on progress of work in Rotterdam.

Thomas: final approach in Naturhafen (where Boeing landed) is planned on Saturday 12th april. See you there.

Comment from Thomas
Time: 2008-04-04, 9.55

Now we have a official schedule for the transport at the museum’s site (only on the german page):
You can locate the actual transport’s position via GPS on:
For LogIn keep account-/user name + password from the green box on top of the site.
Narrator, should I get trouble to pass the security lines at the Naturhafen, may I call you on same mobile no.? Would be helpful to know your real name – perhaps you’ll send it to ‘buran-project@freenet.de’. Thanks.

Comment from Mark
Time: 2008-04-04, 11.41

Thanks. I will call you Saturday in the afternoon.


Comment from the narrator
Time: 2008-04-07, 11.45

mark, we’ve received the film you made. looks good indeed. thanks for you interest in this transport.

Comment from Mark
Time: 2008-04-07, 11.54

It was a pleasure! Thanks for your cooperation.


Comment from the narrator
Time: 2008-04-10, 8.54

Hallo Thomas,

Vielen Dank für die Interesse in das Transport von Buran. Wir sind heute in der Strecke an Loreley vorbei. Freitag abend kommen wir in Naturhafen Speyer an. (Rhein KM 393,5)

Bitte findest du in dieser Mail mein ‘echte’ Name und Handynummer. Ich freue mich dir da zu treffen. Zugegeben, es geht mir um ein gute Ablauf von dieses Transport und den Roroverladung, sonnst ich mache gerne Zeit für dich.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Koninklijke Van der Wees Watertransporten BV

Comment from Thomas
Time: 2008-04-11, 9.46

What a great experience! Today I was chasing the Buran on the last 50 kilometers and spend hours and hours in the pooring rain. But the photos shot while travelling and the arrival in Speyer was worth it. I’ve met ‘The Narrator’ there (Thank you, Jan!) and had a very lucky day. Tomorrow I will return, the Buran will stay the night on board and do the last travel (only about 3 km) on the road then.

Comment from the narrator
Time: 2008-04-14, 10.16

Buran is now in the museum. Thanks for your comments. Thomas, I enjoyed meeting you and hopefully you’ll share some of the pics. we were lucky the weather was better on saturday. all went well, and we left in time. the load-out at Lampertheim too went well. We are back to normal business again.