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Documentaire sur l’histoire de la navette Bourane

Voici un reportage très interessant, en Russe, sur l’histoire de la navette spatiale Bourane. Il était passé à la télévision Russe dans l’émission « Les Ailes de la Russie ».


Plus de vidéos.

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Commentaire de Scott
Date: 16/01/2008, 0:52

I read your report on the Russian Buran space shuttle and I wanted to correct this issue with you.
I have some news for you to say from sources that the Russian Buran is not dead. The program still remains open as the Russian government has not closed the Russian Space Shuttle program simply because the money spent but also a majority still supports it feels the rocket still has a future. Yes it is true the original orbiter Buran was destroyed in Korolev in May 2002 from a wind storm on hanger site 112 but only half of the hanger was destroyed. Remember Russia has built more than 13 space shuttles and they are stored indoors (besides the outside rusty ones) and also Russia still has the original Energia rocket boosters (all the counter parts are still available and etc besides the original launch pad in Korolev). The Buran is still the most powerful rocket system in the world and is still the heaviest cargo payload rocket available. President Putin wanted to start the Buran program again but after the May 2002 accident, money was decided not to rebuild just yet. Putin’s goal was to restore Russia back into its Superpower status which has already happened in May 2006 as they announced it at the G8 meeting in St.Petersburg Russia. So money has been concentrated on paying off all its national debts and starting off new old soviet agencies up again so the Buran shuttle is not off the books, it still remains in possible readmission but time will till when. Buran now has a direct attention regarding Mars and its cargo capacity and no other rocket is available other than the Buran shuttle. What is clear is Russia has the money and they will do something about the Buran. The question is between now and the next 10 years. Money is needed for so many purposes for Mars but what the Buran still has its cargo power but also, Russia really got to fully test the Buran as expected which engineers are still eager to test the Buran for what it was supposed to do. There are two Buran shuttles that are able to fly and one is also not been discussed as third rocket, the rest were test rockets.

I am have some contacts with so engineers in Russia about the Buran and its future. I believe the Buran will fly again but when, I am not sure. I know the Buran is something needed for it’s Mars program absolutely and I will be pleased when the Russian’s will make that step to start it up again. However just like the US shuttle, the shuttle is extremely expensive to fly and so was the Buran shuttle and its program. The pad and its boosters still exist so if money is directed, it would be a matter of time when the Mars mission is under serious undergoing the Buran will step in. Please update your posting about the Buran shuttle. If you read and under Russian, this link below clearly states the Buran is not closed and may never will. I am translating that content for you.