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Salon Chinois: Space Shuttle 2007

Le plus grand salon d’aérospatial non permanent se tiendras à Tsim Sha Tsui en Décembre.

Le « Space Shuttle 2007″ présentera entre autres Bourane ainsi que d’autres objets de l’espace Russe et de la NASA.

« Le but de ce salon est double: fournir un environnement d’apprentissage aux visiteurs, et augmenter le tourisme local », a dit le directeur du projet Space Shuttle 2007, Loh Yuk-ying.

Le point central du salon sera la navette Bourane, qui a déjà été montrée à Sydney, Australie, et à Bahrein.

Le Space Shuttle 2007 ouvrira ses portes le 12 Décembre 2007 à Kowloon Est (quartier de Hong Kong).

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Commentaire de lacalaca
Date: 30/07/2007, 19:01

So, what about the counter-case between Molniya and the SSWT? Or is this another action of the malaysian company, like the plans to transfer it to Malaysia?

As I know, if the Molniya wins, the shuttle would be transferred to Germany.

Commentaire de Vassili Petrovitch
Date: 31/07/2007, 11:35

According to the last news you’re right, OK-GLI should go to the german museum.

But it should have been transfered years before. Unfortunately I don’t have anymore informations for the moment.

Commentaire de Hanan Sinar
Date: 01/08/2007, 9:44

I think the fate of Hong Kong’s organiser will be same as the Malaysia’s organiser because on non delivery or ‘no show’ of BURAN.

Commentaire de Hanan Sinar
Date: 01/08/2007, 9:59

The sad saga of the Analog Buran continues! Previous updates described the sale of the vehicle to the Singapore company Space Shuttle World Tour (SSWT) that was later challenged in court by the Russian manufacturer NPO Molniya. In the meantime, the disassembled Buran remained stored outdoors in a Bahraini junkyard. Even as the case dragged on for years in the Bahrain courts, NPO Molniya made a separate deal to sell Analog Buran to the Auto & Technik Museum in Sinsheim, Germany. It appeared the issue was finally resolved in late 2006 when the courts ruled SSWT had defaulted on its payments and NPO Molniya remained the rightful owner of the craft. SSWT appealed the decision in Bahrain’s Supreme Civil Appeal Court in March 2007, but the verdict was again upheld. The sales contract was thereby terminated allowing Buran to be moved to Germany.

Commentaire de Hanan Sinar
Date: 01/08/2007, 10:04

Despite a ruling last month by Bahrain’s High Civil Court in favour of the Buran’s original owners, Russian company NPO Molniya, the saga of the ill-fated shuttle drags on.

Kevin Tan, owner of Singapore-based Space Shuttle World Tours (SSWT) who bought the Buran for $320,000 in 2002, was accused of reneging on the full payment and a four-and-half year legal dispute ensued.

Meanwhile, Mr Tan leased the shuttle to Malaysian and Hong Kong-based events companies.
But Mr Tan was unable to deliver the Buran to the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, and, depending on the court’s decision Hong Kong’s space show may also be without a star attraction.

Commentaire de Hans
Date: 01/08/2007, 11:24

It seems to me that the whole issue of the Buran stinks. The court case in Bahrain has draggged on without solution and it will drag further. I symphatise with the Malaysia government for having to endure this saga not to mention loss of money. I am sure a lot have been spent on promotion and advertising. Hope the Hong Kong government is smarter…..

Commentaire de Hanan Sinar
Date: 01/08/2007, 17:05

The Hong Kong’s organiser is taking very very high risk to have the idea that the Singaporean company will deliver the BURAN on time!!! Hahaha! let’s wait and see!

Commentaire de Hanan Sinar
Date: 07/08/2007, 8:28

More info on counter-case between Molniya and the SSWT:-

Commentaire de Ron Smith
Date: 20/08/2007, 8:15

It’s seem that the Singaporean bought over one of the main judge in Bahrain for the realease of the BURAN to the Singapore company but was rejected by two of the judges. That’s insteresting! Hope that the Ministry of Justice is aware of this and prevent the Singapore company to buy over the rest of the judges… Heard that they raised alot of fund from Hongkong to flight the case.

Commentaire de Sheikh Sobri Saeed
Date: 28/08/2007, 21:43

I personally challence Kevin Tan to come back to Bahrain, make sure you bring alot of $$$$ USD to pay back whatever you owed to Baraini and get lost!!!

Commentaire de guinet pascal
Date: 09/09/2007, 23:03

alors la bravo pour le salon qui se tiendra a hong kong dommage le voyage coute chère sinon j’aurai été faire un tour avec un grand plaisir.


Good news for the airshow of Hong Kong, it’s a shame that the travel is expensive otherwise I would have come there with great pleasure.

Commentaire de Margrit Elser
Date: 11/09/2007, 8:39

This is to inform you about the latest development according the Buran case in Bahrain.
Kevin Tan (Space Shuttle World Tour) has already lost six cases against NPO Molniya/Auto-und TechnikMuseum Sinsheim.
Nevertheless he recently filed a new case against Molniya claiming costs he would have had with the Buran over the last four years. This claim is based on the fact that he doesn´t recieve ownership. It is strange to make the owner responsible for costs which are the consequence of a default of payment.

Tan recieved another arrest on the Buran in order to save this strange claim. Even worse the jugde is not giving Molniya the possibilty to prevent a substitute security (guaranty/cash deposit).
Tan argues that he cannot estimate the full amount of his damage. His laywer is talking about 3.700.000 USD. But the lawsuit and the according fees are only 160.000 USD. Anyway the Bahraini court is not accepting any substitute security in order to give a quick release to Germany.

At the same time Tan is claiming ownership at casation court.

Tan has leased the Buran to Kuala Lumpur in October 2006 right at the time when he lost first level at High Civil Court about ownership (verdict 31 October) . This verdict ruled that the contract between Molniya and SSWT is non and void because of default of payment. The organizer in Kuala Lumpur most have paid some Million Dollars in advance to him.

In April Tan invited an old emoplyee of Molniya to come to Bahrain. This gentlemen had an old power of authorisation and transferred ownership of Buran to SSWT at a Bahraini notary. At the same time Tan was negotiating with the new management of Molniya. He exactly new about the circumstances. With the help of this document Tan tried to release the Buran. He was supported by a court order that harmed two other arrests on Buran. Finally Tan failed and following lost two new court cases with which he was claiming ownership becuase of this illegal document.

Meanwhile Tan leased the Buran again for another show in Honkong with his company Mactus International Ltd.. Please find information under .
The ornaizer in Hong Kong is confident to recieve the Buran right in time.
After the disaster of Kuala Lumpur it seems like Tan is abusing the Bahraini courts for another decieve. Please find additional information under:

It seems like the procedures will take some more time. Let us hope that the Bahraini courts are strong enough to prevent justice!

Commentaire de Ron Smith
Date: 13/09/2007, 10:49

Hi Margrit! Good report.. more to come…

Commentaire de Sheikh Sobri Saeed
Date: 13/09/2007, 20:36

/* Deleted, no connection with the subject */

Tan is soon to be travel ban in Bahrain, so if he come back we are going to jail him !!!

Commentaire de Vassili Petrovitch
Date: 13/09/2007, 22:56

Hello Sheikh Sobri Saeed, I’m sorry but I can’t read, could you write in english please?

Respectfully Vassili.

Commentaire de Ron Smith
Date: 17/09/2007, 5:05

Sorry Vassili…

Commentaire de Mcwatson
Date: 21/09/2007, 16:21

just heard that this ‘Buran’ case which is suppose to be heard again in Bahrain had been postpone ….when?

Commentaire de Ron Smith
Date: 24/09/2007, 6:53

When the case in Bahrain had been postpone again, do you think the ornaizer in Hong Kong is able recieve the Buran right in time? or it will be the same fate like Malaysian organizer?

Commentaire de Vassili Petrovitch
Date: 24/09/2007, 16:43

Unfortunatly, I think they will have the same fate than the Malaysian organizer. But let’s keep hope.

Commentaire de Margrit Elser
Date: 15/10/2007, 12:30

Just for Information.
The next session of the main case according Buran in Bahrain will be on 24/10/07. A final decision is not expected.
The urgent court has agreed to leave an arrest on the Buran in the favour of Kevin Tan (SSWT). NPO Molniya has appealed against this decision and offered an alternativ security for the asserted claim of SSWT. Unfortunatly the court has not decided about this appeal since 3 month with no acceptable reason. Anyway it seems like the reason for this delay is not only Ramadan.

In the meantime the Auto-and Technik Museum Sinheim (Germany) has declared right of ownership at the court. NPO Molniya has transfereed the title of ownership to the Museum earlier this year. Together the two parties want to finish the proccedure in Bahrain and bring the Buran to Germany for a permanent exhibition.

The organizer in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Space Shuttle) tried to convince the Kevin Tan and the Germans to settle. The Germans started talkings but Kevin Tan refused a peaceful solution. Now it is already to late to bring the Buran to China right in time (Transport/Dismanteling/Restoration). Thus it seems like there is no hope that the Buran will be exibited in Hong Kong.

The Germans at least show patience. They are looking foreward to welcom the Buran in Germany next year!

Commentaire de Vassili Petrovitch
Date: 17/10/2007, 9:44

Very bad news for the organizer of the Hong Kong Space Shuttle show.

Commentaire de Margrit Elser
Date: 25/10/2007, 2:01

Today there was a new session at the court in Bahrain about the counter claim of SSWT (Kevin Tan). Like expected there was no final decision about the claim and the current arrest of the Buran. Surprisingly the court has reported that the case will be transferred to another court at the same level (changement of the jury). Rumbels say that there is an investigation going on against the current jury. Unfortunatly there are no detail informations about the circumstances available.

However the next sesion will be at 21. November. Because of the reason that a new court will handle the case again a final decision is not likely. This means in any case there will be no time for the Buran to take part in Hong Kong.

Commentaire de Sheikh Sobri Saeed
Date: 29/10/2007, 21:42

The organizer of the Hong Kong Space Shuttle show is not that smart after all. SSWT (Kevin Tan) will never want a a peaceful solution because he will never want to come out money to settle.

Commentaire de Sheikh Sobri Saeed
Date: 29/10/2007, 21:45

Bye bye to Hong Kong Space Shuttle show 2007 !!! I wonder the ticket sales agent still selling the ticket?

Commentaire de Summer Yu
Date: 06/01/2013, 9:29

This Tan guy is a well known conman in the Singapore business community now. Heard he has a few lawsuits against him. Running into millions. The rumor is that Mactus Pte Ltd and even Mactus Corpn will be winded up soon to avoid paying for cost, loss and damages. Some lawsuits pre IPO fundings which his company can never get listed and funds gone missing. Millions cheated from investors. Also understand one of the lawsuits is the Body Show held in Singapore at Clark Quay. The show was so badly organized due to the company’s inexperience.
Lawyers that act for this company are stupid and desperate because this is a conman that will not only default on legal fee but bring bad name to the law firm that represent them. Pls circulate this info to all exhibitors, people in the exhibition industry or capital market people. Let’s prevent this guy, Kevin Tan Swee Leon from cheating the public.

Commentaire de Wing cheat
Date: 27/07/2013, 18:41

The latest on Tan Swee Leon is that he has two lawsuit against him totaling more than Sgd2 mil. He is claiming trial for the first lawsuit against him but the Supreme Court wants him to deposit Sgd300k before the trial could proceed. The deposit has to be made by 13 August 2013 failing which the plaintiff will be awarded the case of Sgd800k and if he fails to pay, he will be made a bankrupt. His companies will all be winded up by the creditor too. The second lawsuit PTC is on 29 August 2013 for Sgd1.2 mil which summary judgement is likely to be obtained against him. Very highly unlikely he will be able to pay and will be made a bankrupt. Looks like his days of cheating people is coming to an end. It is his own doing. He deserves it. He must be removed from the business community to stop him from cheating and lying in court.

Commentaire de Azman
Date: 27/07/2013, 18:46

Sorry I got involved with this cheat, Tan Swee Leon.