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Various pictures

Here is some unsorted pictures of the Baikonur’s facility, production machines, Buran’s test chamber (oven to test the Buran’s heat chield), and a Buran’s period scheme.

Gas tank Gas tank 006487_energia_buran_15.jpg 006487_energia_buran_08.jpg Machine 006487_energia_buran_02.jpg 006487_energia_buran_14.jpg tpvk-chambre-chaud.jpg 006487_energia_buran_10.jpg

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Comment from Suzy
Time: 2007-01-24, 6.25

Are there any photos available of the TsUP Buran control room?

Comment from Vassili
Time: 2007-01-24, 8.56

No unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the Buran’s control center. But in the videos you can see it. Moreover I have a video dedicated to this center but not online yet.