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Main building

Le musée

Here is the main building of the museum, it shelters cars, planes, steam locomotives and even a submarine.

Hall Allée Allée


Locomotive Locomotive Cabine

Locomotive Locomotive Locomotive

Rouleau compresseur Rouleau compresseur


Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes

Mercedes Mercedes

Camions de pompier et ambulances (dont certains sont fait à partir du van Volkswagen).

Ambulance Grande echelle Camion de pompier

Camion de pompier Camions de pompier

Planes and helicopters (Mil Mi)

Plane Mil Mi

Messerschmitt Bf 109 (avec ses ski d’atterrissage)

Messerschmitt Bf-109 Messerschmitt Bf-109 Landing skis

French spy plane and combat planes.

Spy plane Plane Plane


Generator Generator


Bus Bus


Opel RAK2 (1928), Volkwagen Karman Gia, Heinkel Kabinenroller

Racing car Volkswagen Heinkel Kabinenroller

Concord’s landing gear

Concord's landing gear

Electric train (scale O)

Electric train Electric train

Music and cinema instruments (located on the mezzanine).

Robots Piano Organs

Camera and movie camera



Comment from joyce gilchrist
Time: 2012-09-19, 7.19

we will be on the Rhine River in November and will be docked in Speyer. We will not be able to get to Sinsheim. Any chance the Blue Flame will be on loan and in Speyer’s Technik?

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