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Space museum of Kourou

The space museum of Kourou is located on the road of Space in direction of the Space Center of Guyana, near the technical center in the same building than the control room Jupiter.

This museum is dedicated to make understand the goal of the space exploration and its utilisation in the everyday life, but through the French and European prism, that’s why the museum is centered on the Ariane launcher.

Traffic circle of space Museum of space

A full size mock-up of the Ariane 5 is located near the entrance of the museum. At the base of the left booster is located a man’s profil in blue, it helps realizing the size of the rocket.

Ariane 5 Ariane 5

The visit of the museum begins by panels about the space exploration before the 20th century and the big firsts accomplished during the 20th century.

Panels Panels

Section of the tailpipe of Ariane 5 main stage’s engine, the Vulcan.


This area contains different kind of pieces, engines, compressors, tailpipes of the Ariane program.

Set of engines Set of engines

Tailpipe and Vulcan engine.

Vulcan engine Vulcan engine Vulcan engine

Specimen of solid propellant used for the boosters (Étages d’Accélération à Poudre, EAP) of Ariane 5.

Solid propellant

Injector of the Viking engine and pouder propeller.

Injector and propeller

Valves of the third stage of Ariane 5 (from SNECMA).


Servo-motor L140 L33 of Ariane.


Combustion chamber of the cryogenic engine HM7.

Burning chamber of HM7

Nose cone of Ariane with 2 satellites.

Nose cone with 2 satellites

Mock-ups of Ariane 5-4-3-1.

Ariane mock-ups

Soviet spacesuit SK-1, Vostok program (Gagarine).

SK-1 spacesuit (Vostok)

Spacesuit Navy Mark IV, Mercury program (John Glenn).

Spacesuit Navy Mark IV

Pannels about the race to the moon, Soviet side and American side.

The race to the moon

Lunar surface with an A7L spacesuit and a Lunar Exploration Module (LEM) on the background.

Lunar surface Lunar surface

A serie of Arian’s nose cone.

Arianes s nosecone

Illustrative panel about the French manned flights.

Manned flights Manned flights

Satellite ERS-1 (European Remote Sensing Satellite) launched on 1991 and destroyed on March 10, 2000. Its mission was to collect different kind of informations about the Earth surface (groun, water, ice, atmosphere).

Satellite ERS-1

View of the upper stage of Ariane 5.

Upper stage of Ariane 5 Daimler-Benz

Pictures taken from space.

Pictures from space

Illustrative panels about reconnaissance satellites and telecommunications.

Reconnaissance satellites Telecommunications

Satellite Matra, the satellite XMM-Newton (observation satellite of X rays), lanched on december 10, 1999. MeteoSat-2 is a meteorogical satellite of second generation, launched on August 28, 2002.

Matra XMM Meteosat-2

Section of a satellite.

Section of a satellite

Mock-ups of Ariane 4-3-1.

Ariane 4-3-1

Section of Ariane’ 4 boosters.


Mock-up of the mains French, Russian and American launchers.

Energia-Buran, STS Arianes, american launchers Russian launchers


Comment from Frank Cassella
Time: 2011-10-17, 4.57

What does the cockpit area of the of the Buran Shuttle look like. Flight Deck and Chairs. I have one seat which I purchased from Moscow several years back.

Comment from Frank Cassella
Time: 2011-10-17, 4.58

What does the inside of the Buran Shuttle look like, are there any pictures?

Comment from Vassili Petrovitch
Time: 2011-10-17, 7.30

you can see some explanations and pictures of the Buran’s cabin here and there.

If you are looking for pictures of the seats take a look here, and on this page also (at the bottom of the page).

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