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Space building

A new building was setup in the Technic museum of Speyer to accommodate an exhibition about Space.

This exhibition is called « Apollo and Beyond ». The hall include the Buran OK-GLI, a test model of a BOR-5, a mockup of the Columbus module and many other things about the Russian, American and EUropean space program.



Ground floor:

The museum bought the BOR-5 to his American owner:


Here is the atmospheric test model OK-GLI, its dimensions are really impressive:


Details about the landing gears:

www.buran-energia.com www.buran-energia.com www.buran-energia.com
www.buran-energia.com avant

Technical trapdoor:

trapdoor trapdoor trapdoor

Detail of the wing:

details detail

Front of the shuttle:

Front Entry trap

Rear of the shuttle:

Back Back

Back Turbojet Back

Payload bay:

Payload bay

At the rear of the shed there is some showcases with spacesuits and instrumental panel:

spacesuits Instrumental panel

Ariane 4 tank:


Upper stage of Europa 2:

Europa 2


Concorde s turbojet ISS mock up

ISS mock up

Downstairs there is full size mock-up of Columbus (European ISS laboratory) and training modul of the Spacelab:

Columbus Columbus Columbus


Spacelab Spacelab

Mockup of Ariane 5 and the ATV (European automatic cargo):

Ariane 5

European IVA spacesuits (intra-vehicular activity):

IVA spacesuits IVA spacesuits

In other part of the shed there is an area dedicated to the Apollo and Gemini space programs:

The historic of those programs is narrated along waymarked trail with panels and alterneted with spacesuits and stacks filled by many artefacts.

Mercury Mercury Mercury

Gemini Gemini Gemini

Stacks with different artefacts about those 2 programs:

Etagères Rack

1st floor:

On the first floor there is panels relating the history of the Apollo program and showcases Au premier niveau se trouve une série de panneaux retraçant l’histoire du programme Apollo et des vitrines with different objects such as a small piece of the reentry modul’s heat shield, lunar spacesuits pieces, …

Lunar trip

There is also panels with reproductions of art work of some astronauts.

Gallerie des artites Artists gallery

Replica of a lunar spacesuit:

Lunar spacesuit Lunar spacesuit Lunar spacesuit

Replica of a lunar Jeep:

Jeep Jeep Jeep

2nd floor

The second floor is mainly dedicated to Soviet/Russian space flights and to the ISS. There is many russian spacesuits (reals), panels about some ISS missions and even heterogeneous like the gravity trousers.

Orlan spacesuit:

Orlan Orlan Orlan


Under spacesuit (include a tube grid to keap the cosmonaut warm):

Under spacesuit

IVA spacesuit (intra-vehicular activity) :

IVA spacesuit

Sokol spacesuit:

Sokol Sokol

Hatch of the Soyuz spacecraft (between the orbital modul and the descent modul):

Soyuz hatch Soyuz hatch


Soyuz mockup Ariane 5 EPS stage

Thermal protection inside the payload bay of the American space shuttle:

Thermal protection Thermal protection


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If you need more pictures, you can use mine

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