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Polytechnical museum of Moscow

Polytechnical Museum

In 1872 the Tsar Alexander II decided to build a museum of applied sciences in Moscow. It was made by members of the Imperial Society of Natural Sciences, anthropologists, ethnographists, and also by professors. The construction of this museum was to make an exhibition of all russian sciences and technologies for the 200th anniversary of Peter the Great.

The works began in 1877 in the russian style of the 19th century, the first public admissions took place in 1907. Since then the museum has begun an important centre for scientific and social life in Russia. The mains inventions were showed first to the Russians in this building like the Yablochkov’s lamp, Bell and Golubitskii’s telephone and Edisson’s phonograph.

By presidential decree of December 1991 the Polytechnical museum was declared valued cultural asset of the country.

polytechnique-museum-space polytechnique-museum-space polytechnique-museum-space

Meteorological rocket (1950):

Meteorological rocket Accelerator

Some medical products and food for cosmonauts:

polytechnique-museum-space Water tank Fruits basket

Urinal polytechnique-museum-space

Test dummys:

It is made of materials similar to human tissues. It was used to study the cosmic radiation effects on human body in 1969 on board Zond 7, which was travelled around the Moon, then on board the Cosmos-368 satellite in 1970.

Test dummy

Sputnik-2 (launch on november 3, 1957) with Laika dog on board:


The VM-T Atlant carrying Buran to Baikonur (in reality Buran didn’t had its vertical stabilizer during the transport):

VM-T and Buran

A corner of the room is dedicated to Ary Sternfeld (1905-1980), Soviet scientist which specialized in the study of space trajectories. He was the first to calculate the most economic trajectory to go from one orbit to another.

Ary Sternfeld Ary Sternfeld Ary Sternfeld

Ary Sternfeld Ary Sternfeld

Mock-up of Buran-Energia:


Mock-up of the launch of a BOR-4:


Nose cone of a meteorological rocket (altitude up to 200km):

Meteorological rocket Meteorological rocket Meteorological rocket

Rocket of Earth studying (1950-1960):

Geophysical rocket

Mock-up of the R7:


Mock-up of a RD-107 of the R7 rocket:

RD-107 RD-107

Mock-up of a launch ramp of the M-31:


Mock-up of the prototype of the K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s rocket:

Tsiolkovsky s rocket Tsiolkovsky s rocket



GIRD’s engines:

GIRD s engines

Some GIRD’s rockets:

GIRD s rockets

Container of the study rocket R-2A:

R-2A R-2A

Mock-up of the Vostok spacecraft and helmet of the SK-1 spacesuit:

Vostok spacecraft Vostok spacecraft SK-1 helmet

Camera « Konvas » used on the Titov’s flight on board Vostok-2 (august 1961):

Konvas camera

Vostok’s control pannel:

Vostok control pannel

Soyouz-T’s control pannel:

Soyuz-T control system

Radio apparatus « Signal », used on the first Vostok spacecrafts (1960) up to Soyuz-40 (1981):

Signal radio

Suits, Pinguin, Sokol, and Yastreb:

Pinguin suit Sokol suit Combinaison Yastreb Yastreb

Vacuum chamber (70′s), used on Salyut, it was used to diagnose bloodstream troubles on cosmonauts under weightlessness conditions:

Fruit basket

Plasma engine Yantar-2 (1968) to study electrical caracteristics of gazs in the ionosphere at 100-400km high:

Plasma engine Yantar-2

Orientation plasma engines (1971):

Correction engine Moteur à plasma Moteur à plasma

Some tools and intruments:

Some instruments

Docking system between the Soyuz and Apollo spacecrafts for the ASTP mission (1975):

ASTP docking system ASTP docking system ASTP docking system

Balloon of the interplanetary probe VEGA (Venus, 1984):


Mock-up of the Venera 1 probe(1961):

Venera 1

Mock-up of the Phobos probe, exploration of the Phobos satellite of Mars (1988):


Mock-up of the Martian probe Phobos-2 (1989):


Rocket engine 11D425, used for the probes Venera 9-16 and Mars 2-7 (1979):

Moteur 11D425

Mock-up of a small Marsokhod for the exploration of Mars near the lander. But due to troubles with the Mars-3 and Mars-6 (1971-1973) the rover haven’t been deployed.

Mini marsokhod

GRD and ERD engines (Glushko):


Lunakhod (1970):

Lunakhod Lunakhod Lunakhod

Mock-up of the Luna-16 sample probe (september 12, 1970):

Luna-16 Luna-16 Luna-16

Mock-up of the probe Luna-9 (january 31, 1966):

Luna-9 Luna-9

Map of the Moon:

Cartographie de la Lune

First probe to reach the liberation speed of the Earth, Luna-1 (january 2, 1959):

Luna-1 Luna-1 Luna-1 Luna-1

Mock-up of the Salyut space station:

Salyut Salyut

Mock-up of MIR:


Some rescue tools for cosmonauts:

Some instruments Some instruments


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