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Central house of Aviation and Cosmonautic (ЦДА и К)

Центральный дом авиации и космонавтики

museum central house aviation space

This museum was inaugurated on November 6th, 1924, it was nammed: « Central Air Museum ODVF CCCP », and it was specified that « the Museum should be the laboratory not only for the popular knowledge, but also for the study of aviation and aeronautics », it is situated not far from the former Moscow’s airport. Since that time the museum got bigger and a new wing about space was added. The part about the aviation is more important than that on the space and contains numerous models and explanatory panels. But what interests us here are the two small rooms about the cosmonautic.

Before going into the rooms it is necessary to go in a courtyard which contains the probe « Photon » n°9 launched on June 14th, 1994, this probe was sent with the cooperation of the ESA, the CNES and the German aerospace agency to conduct scientific experiments in microgravity. This type of probes « Bion » and « Photon » were made from vessels Vostok (first spaceships).

Photon n 9 Photon n 9

Portrait of Yuri Gagarin.

Gagarins picture

The first room recount the beginings of the Soviet space exploration, with rockets of the GIRD and the first cosmonauts.

museum central house aviation space K.E. Tsiolkovsky museum central house aviation space

Rockets of the GIRD (Group for the Study of Reactive Motion):

GIRD s rocket GIRD s rocket

The first rocket engines developed by the GIRD:

OR-1, 10, OR-2 engines

ORM-1 engine ORM engine (Glushko) ORM-52 engine (Glushko) ORM-65 engine (Glushko)

First meteorologic probes:

Probe rocket

Mock-up of a Soyuz rocket and the RD-107 engine of the booster:

Soyuz rocket RD-107 engine RD-107 engine

Sputnik (launched on october 4, 1957), first artificial satellite of the Earth:


The Sputnik-2 with the dog Laika on board (first living creature on orbit on november 3, 1957):

Sputnik-2 Sputnik-2 Laika Sputnik-2 Laika

Sputnik-3 (launched on may, 15 1958), scientific study satellite:


Mock-up of the lunar rocket N-1:

N-1 rocket

Mock-up of a Proton rocket:


Some stands with informations:

Stand Stand Stand

The second room is about manned space program and interplanetary probes.

museum central house aviation space Y.A. Gagarin

First spacesuit SK-1:

SK-1 spacesuit SK-1 spacesuit

Optical navigation system SMK-3 (used on board Voskhod spacecrafts):

Navigation system

Soft landing engine of the Soyuz spacecraft:

Soft landing engine

Spacesuit Sokol KV-1 and its Kazbek seat:

KV-1 spacesuit

Heat tile of the Buran space shuttle:

Heatshield tile

IVA suits (Intra Vehicular Activity) and sea rescue suit:

IVA suits

suit suit sea rescue suit

Solar array:

Solar panel

Mock-up of the docking between Soyuz 4 and 5:

Soyuz 4 and 5

Fanions of the Apollo-Soyuz program (1975):


Mock-up of the Ekran satellite, direct broadcast of television signals to Siberia and far East:

Ekran satellite

Showcase containing some objects and tools for cosmonauts, food, care case…:

Showcase Care

Mock-up of the Vostok spaceship and its service module:

Vostok spaceship

Training cabin of the Buran space shuttle:

Buran cabin Buran s seat

Engine of the ejectable Buran’s seat:

Ejectable seat engine

Mock-up of the launch pad of Buran-Energia:


Mock-up of the Mars-3 probe (launched on may 28, 1971):


Mock-up of Venera-15 and 16 probes (launched on june 2 and 7, 1983):
The panel is wrong it’s not Venera-5 and 6.

Venera-5 and 6

Mock-up Vega-1 probe (launched on december 15, 1984):


Mock-up of a Venus lander:

Venus lander

Mock-up of the Astron satellite telescope (launched on mars 23, 1983):

Astron satellite

Mock-up of the Phobos probe (launched on july 7, 1988):

Phobos probe

Radio apparatus of telecommunication satellite:


Titan-3 lens, used on Ressource-F3 apparatus:

Titan-3 lens

Elements of the OSK-3R apparatus, for the orientation of the Almaz station:

OSK-3R Almaz

Multi-spectral MKF-6 camera:

MKF-6 camera MKF-6 camera

Mock-up of the Meteor-3 meteorologic satellite (launched on august 15, 1991):

Meteor-3 satellite

They don’t lack humour in this museum, some tools to work on orbit:

Space hammers

Finally a view of the museum’s shop, essentially dedicated to aviation:

Museum s shop

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